Moms Need Girlfriends

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Once we leave highschool, get married and start a family, our roles and expectations quickly change. I find especially as women, our time for ourselves gets less and less while our focus changes to the needs of raising our family. Starting motherhood is an exciting time. The best time of our lives! It can also be tiresome, lonely, isolating and under valued.

As much as going back to the workforce and leaving a sweet infant in the care of a dayhome/daycare can be a frightening thought, for many career-moms (aside from the financial implications) the social interaction, relationship building and bonds between like-minded individuals is their balance in motherhood.

Speaking baby-talk and learning toddler-grammar is cute and fun of course, it can also feel depressing for moms who seek the social aspect from others. Being back to work is where some moms maintain friendships.

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This is why moms need girlfriends!

We like to chat, laugh, engage and be ourselves with other females who understand us! As emotional ‘beings’ we love with our whole heart and give all we have to nurture and care for our beloved children. But what about us?! Having 30 minutes of ‘me’ time a month to run to the grocery store is just not adequate (and somewhat insulting). It’s not selfish to think about your own needs as a woman too.

In truth, it’s harder forming strong, true friendships as we mature.

My closest friendships are still my bestfriends from highschool. Nothing beats it and as much as being social and likeable, it’s not the same. That doesn’t mean you can’t still form new everlasting friendships, just realize the dynamics of motherhood always takes centre stage and those new friendships have to form around your #1.

Let’s be honest; As much as we LOVE our husbands there are some things they don’t get. It’s not their fault either. They’re the opposite gender right!? Moms need girlfriends to share the things we could easily let bring us down, and telling a friend is what brings us back up again.

Cherish your ‘true’ friends Mamas and don’t forget about being YOU!

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