Monster Jam® 2017 Review + What To Expect!

Monster Jam® 2017 was certainly a new experience for me, I had never seen the Northlands Coliseum transformed in such a way! From the massive mound of tires and dirt in the center of the arena, to all the tarps laid out over the stands, which was a good thing cause the dirt was most definitely flying! The great thing about events like these is that every seat is a great one, no matter where you are you’ll be able to catch the incredible stunts and maneuvers these drivers pull off.

What Will You See?

The show started out with all the trucks being introduced and going for a spin around the arena, which was great for an amateur like myself to pick out my favorite vehicle I would cheer for. The first event was the ATV obstacle course race and boy are those little guys quick! I was hard-pressed to get a good photo since they were ripping around the track at such a crazy speed.

Stunt Competition

How they choose a winner in each event is there are 6 judges holding up their scores for how the trucks did in the category. They then take away the lowest and highest scores, Next up is your job, on the website they give you at the beginning of the show you are to give your score as well. The average is taken and added to the remaining 4 scores from the judges, I absolutely loved this! it was a great way for the crowds to engage in the show.

After the intermission was over, up next was ATV racing and then the donut competition ( which was awesome!). I never realized how much talent it took to not only be able to drive these monster trucks but to do it well. I could tell it was such a fine balance between giving it all you got but also not stalling your vehicle at the same time. The final event they had was the freestyle competition! ( my favorite), these drivers are incredible, I would be petrified to be flying through the air like they do on a daily basis.  They even brought out some cars near the edge of the jump for the monster trucks to crush which I could tell was a HUGE hit for everyone!

The Winner!

There were 2 trucks I noticed that were fan favorites among the crowds around me, which were Northern Nightmare® (go Canada!) and Grave Digger® of course ( even I knew this one). Throughout the competitions it always seemed a tight race between the two of them, obviously as a proud Canadian how could I not cheer for Northern Nightmare®?! But in the end Grave Digger® ended up being the champion, and I don’t blame them, he was quite incredible!

Final Thoughts

 All in all I was VERY impressed with the variety of events Monster Jam® had to offer and how family friendly it was. I didn’t bring my daughter this time around as loud noises tend to scare herand this event is VERY loud, you will for sure need some sort of ear protection. Luckily if you forget to bring a pair they sell some ear muffs at the souvenir stands which is super handy. I highly recommend checking out Monster Jam® if you are looking for a fun, unique event to take your family to. My son will for sure be coming with me next year, this event seems right up his alley since he is  currently obsessed with anything with wheels!



 I am a Feld Family Activator, and a part of my agreement I receive compensation in the form of complimentary tickets and opportunities to attend pre-show events. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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