Movie Review: Freaky


This post was written by a guest blogger and was not a gifted experience. All opinions are
her own.

For anyone who hasn’t been to a theatre since Covid related restrictions started this is what
you can expect:

The theatre participates in contact-tracing so upon arrival we provided them our names, phone
numbers, which movie we were seeing, and showtime. We automatically wear masks when we are
going into public indoor spaces so I am not sure if it is required or just recommended to wear
one there. There was only one kiosk machine open to purchase tickets to allow for social
distancing. The theatre we went to always allowed for seat selection but my understanding is
that they are all doing that currently. When choosing seats they have every other row open
and only a few seats to choose from in those rows. There just happened to be 10 people in
total in our theatre.




We saw Freaky. Initially, I thought that it should have been released before Halloween but I
guess with a Friday the 13th theme within the movie and a Friday the 13th release date it
just made the most sense. We are big horror movie fans in our house and have seen most if
not all of Blumhouse’s recent releases. This movie is a mix between The Hot Chick and
Freaky Friday with a much darker, gorier storyline. Freaky tells the story of mousy
17-year-old Millie Kessler trying to survive her last year of high school. She is dealing with an
alcoholic mother, the loss of her father, being picked on it in school, and being a total
pushover. She is friends with super stereotypical characters both the black ultra-woke
feminist and the perceived personality of a gay man both seeming to be the only ones that fit
that description at the school.


Millie becomes the target of the infamous serial killer, The Butcher
, and with the help of a mystic ancient dagger switches bodies with him. They have 24-hours
to switch back or permanently stay in each other’s bodies. The challenge for these teens is
that Millie now looks like a killer that everyone has seen so getting around is difficult.
We were expecting the movie to be similar to Happy Death Day where the violence was
more implied than actual violence. This was not the case at all. The first five minutes of the
movie reminded me of the Scream series with the over-the-top violence and high death
count. After that, the violence does slow a bit but many jumps scares throughout. The
characters that do violently come to an end aren’t exactly personalities made to be missed.
The movie is labeled as a comedy/horror film.




While the death scenes are gorier the movie
itself has predictability so not super scary. The movie also wasn’t super funny but it tried
really hard to be. I definitely preferred Rob Schneider in the Hot Chick pretending to be a
woman vs Vince Vaughn in this one trying to be. Overall if you can ignore the cheesy
stereotypical characters, the plot holes like whether the serial killer is possessed or just an
evil person, this movie was fun, cheesy in a decent way to watch. Perfect date night watch.



I would recommend taking teens vs tweens as it does deal with a high death count and
some sexual conversations and innuendo. The movie is rated 14A.


Let me know in the comments if you have been to the movies yet and what you saw!


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