A Much Needed Date Night? Try These Suggestions

Date Night ideas

Sometimes with the busy schedules, work, and taking care of the kids, we forget that we must consciously put effort into spending time with our partners. It happens, and often with the kids being so young. However, an occasional date night is still important.

Why are Date Nights Important?

While family time is important for bonding and creating a closeness, that same goes for your relationship.

Having a close relationship is great, but even over time, you still need to work at it and put in effort into each other. It is definitely difficult to find that time, and energy, in the early child-rearing years, but when you can, it’s a must to try to carve out some quality time and connect. It will continue to strengthen your bond to remain close to face the parenting challenges together.

Furthermore, having kids may bring out changes in yourself (maybe you want to change careers, or maybe you feel different), you need to be able to share those changes with your partner, discuss them and support one another. Sharing keeps you close, which is important…obviously.

When You Know You Need a Date Night

Do you feel like you need some adult conversation? Do you feel like you and your partner are not as close as you used to be? Do one of you suggest that the other is not making time for them? Do you feel as though you cannot remember the last time you both were alone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are a date night is long overdue.

Date Night Suggestions

Date nights do not have to be lengthy or very expensive, the key is quality time. The below suggestion are a mix of needing a sitter or not, and spending a little bit of money or not. Also, keep in mind that “date night” doesn’t necessarily have to be in the day…find what works for you.

Try a new restaurant that has recently opened up in your area.

Order in a favourite movie (of both of yours) and make it a comfy movie night with popcorn and snacks.

Go to a paint night class.

Visit a local winery and do some wine tasting.

Make dinner together by trying a new recipe out.

Go to a fair (yes without the kids).

Once the kids are asleep, make a cheese plate and open a bottle of vino.

Go to a comedy show.

Go to a “make your dinner” restaurant, where you both get to cook with a chef.

Go for a hike or long walk (whichever is more accessible to you).


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