My Name Is Not MOM!

May name is not mom

Mom! Mum! Mommy! Mummy!

If you follow Tiffany Jenkins (Juggling the Jenkins), Meredith Masony (That’s inappropriate) and Dena Blizzard (One Funny Mother), you will already be familiar with the comedic attributes they bring to fellow parents about motherhood/parenthood.  A much needed perspective for many of us struggling, exhausted and flying by the seat of our pants as parents.

I love watching their videos about things us parents encounter on a daily basis and how they make me feel heard and normal! Tiffany is a recovering addict, comedian, content creator and advocate for mental health and addiction, Dena also known as the “Target Mom” for her 2017 back to school rant, is a comedian and outspoken about the challenges of having children who learn differently including, ADD/ADHD and Anxiety.  Meredith advocates for mental health and talks openly about a health scare that she experienced and how it changed her perspective on life.

“My name is Not Mom” is coming to Vancouver on May 27th, Calgary on May 28th and Toronto on May 31st. It is sure to be a show full of a lot of laughs!  At at time when we have all gone through so much, I know I could use a night out with the girls laughing our butts off!  Tickets are still available online here.

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The hotter-than-hot, incredibly popular comedy trio, My Name is Not Mom, who has been selling out venues & throughout the country for over a year, is coming to Vancouver’s Harbor Event & Convention Center (5/27), Calgary’s MacEwan Hall (5/28) and Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall (5/31) for their debut performances.  Shows in each city begin at 8pm with exclusive Meet & Greets beginning at 6 pm before each evening’s show.

Founded during the height of the Pandemic via Zoom when the three moms were comparing how kooky their lives had become with quarantine, home schooling and the stresses of holding it all together for all, the timing could not be better for you to consider and greenlight a feature on them pegged to the  American family dynamic today — a celebration like no other — and a chance to laugh along with hysterical realities of everyday family life we all experience!

Each — Meredith MasonyTiffany JenkinsDena Blizzard — take a deep dive into hard-hitting, insightful humor for everyday life that is relatable to a super diverse consumer base, which, no doubt the majority of your audience can relate to. Every single one of your viewers either is a Mom, has a Mom, or fills the role of Mom to someone, somewhere at some time. And, that in itself has humor built it. Seriously, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, well….

I recently had the privilege of interviewing this amazing mom-trio in anticipation of their upcoming Canadian tour,
“My name is not Mom”.  They were down to earth and real moms with real struggles just like us all.  It was like hanging out with the girls, only I was asking all the questions! We had a great time (hopefully you could not tell I was nervous).

Our interview lasted about 25 minutes.  Check out the interview below.


Want a chance to win tickets to see these funny moms in action?
I am giving away 2 tickets including an exclusive meet and greet to one lucky Modern Mama BC Follower!
Tickets are to the Vancouver show on May 27th (8pm) at Vancouver Convention Center with an exclusive meet and greet at 6pm.

Contest will run Friday May 20th to Tuesday May 22 9pm.  Follow the entry requirements on the Facebook or Instagram post and then fill out the form below:

CONTEST CLOSED: Winner is Sarah P. (Mission)


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