Navigating K-Days with Young Children

We just got home from a day at Kdays and, despite my hesitation about going without my husband, we had the best day ever! Here is what we did and some tips for visiting KDays with the youngest crowd.


First stop: Lost Kid Sticker. You can get these at the information booth. Simply write your phone number on the sticker and slap it on your kiddo’s back. While you are there grab a map too!


The Kiddie Midway: It’s located in the north end of the grounds, closer to 75st and across the street from Rexall Place. We had a group of kids that were 2, 3 and 5 and the rides, for the most part, were a blast. We loved the merry go round, smaller ferris wheel, submarine ride, monster truck ride, caterpillar mini roller coaster and helicopters. Some of the kiddie rides have a minimum age and they all have height restrictions. With certain ones, if they are not tall enough a parent can ride with them- but the parent has to pay or have a ride pass. Most rides are 4-5 tickets if you don’t have a ride pass.




Once we got hot and needed bathrooms, we headed inside the Expo Centre. It is conveniently located next to the Kiddie Midway. Inside the Expo Centre it is like a little festival of it’s own with shopping, an entire hall with food concessions and tables and of course Kids Town in Hall C. This is where you want to be when it is simply too hot outside and you need a breather.


We found Kids Town refreshingly calm, the hall is huge, so there is a lot of space. There are trampolines ($) (for bigger kids), a construction zone (we stayed there forever building a block tower), a stage with ongoing children’s performances (see schedule here), and a mini town complete with library, music, doctor’s office, candle making ($) and a milk and cookie stop ($). One the other side of Kids Town there are puzzles and brain teaser stations, canola seed sensory bins, pedal tractor rides, bubbles, bouncy castles ($), and a petting zoo. You could easily spend over an hour in here.



Next up we headed back outside to the kiddie midway for some more rides and played a game- pick a duck and everyone is a winner- perfect for the young ones. We then walked over to Klondike Park and enjoyed a nice train ride on the Panda Hut Express. By this point, it was almost 6 and we my 3 year old was showing signs of exhaustion but contentment.


The food: There is lots to try at KDays and no shortage of places to get something to eat. There is a ton of vendors just left of the Kiddie Midway by the main stage as well as the food court inside the Expo Centre and the Food Hall. As well, there are more vendors along the main midway. We tried a beer battered corn dog, a slush to cool down and some popcorn. Not the healthiest, but it’s just one day. You can bring food with you and Klondike Park would make a delightful spot for a picnic in the grass and it’s away from crowds. Check out the new food items and a map here.


Trying new foods!


  • I would recommend getting there right at noon when the gates open. If you go then it is less busy and you can park in the Northland’s lot with a spot close to the entrance. The train or bus is always an option too, but I like the comfort that having my car in the lot brings me- you know, in case there is a category 4 tantrum and we needed to leave like 20 minutes ago…
  • There are shade tents and rest areas all over the place- find them and cool down every once and a while.
  • There are a ton of washrooms in the Expo Centre so no worries about that. If you are looking for a bathroom outside we found some porta potties along the fence facing Rexall Place, by the kiddie midway. Also, there were flush toilets on Klondike Park.
  • If it rains, head inside for shopping, food and Kids Town.
  • If you do not have a ride all day pass, you will spend about $40 on ride tickets for yourself and your child (about 5 rides each).
  • We saw a Mother’s Area just south of the Kiddie Midway outside and one inside Kids Town.
  • There is also a stroller rental ($) if your toddler decides they have had enough walking. I would actually recommend the stroller from home if your child is not a walker, plus it is easier to carry all the things! A carrier would be great too, if you don’t think you’ll get too hot.
  • There is an item check ($) inside the Expo Centre if you need to give your arms a break.

Klondike Park

All in all, it was a terrific day that was spent making some really great memories with my little one. I know he’ll be talking about this experience again and again! Now I just have to explain to him that he has to wait another year…

K-Days runs until Sunday July 31 and you can get all the in depth details about admission, schedules and such here.

Will you be heading to Kdays? If you’ve already been, what did your child love?



You'll probably want to stop here, mamas!

You’ll probably want to stop here, mamas!


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