Navigating Parenthood: Stories of Students Balancing Education and Parenting


Balancing education and parenthood is never easy, yet navigating parenthood is still possible. The trick here is to read about practical cases from other parents and join different communities that share the same challenges. As a parent who has to deal with education, you must understand that you cannot handle it all by trying to do more than possible. Give yourself due credit and focus on taking one step at a time because you are already the best parent and a diligent student who does his or her best. Even though we are all different, and what works for others may not work for you, reading the stories of students balancing parenthood and studies is always helpful!

Navigating Parenthood: Stories of Students Balancing Education and Parenting

Exploring real-life stories, one can turn to the Georgetown University Medical Center where they have collected honest testimonials from student parents. While you can

learn from others, it is always possible to share your story and make a reflective post for a blog or your college. If writing is not your cup of tea, you should consider as one of the great options. A caring expert will help you to write and edit your thoughts because sharing your experience is essential and helps others to learn that they are not alone!

  • Anamika Bhattacharyya’s Story.

According to this gracious lady, the baby will make space for itself while all the rest will automatically fall into place and help you achieve balance. She was in her second year, preparing for her Ph.D. in the Department of Cell Biology, when she had her second child. As an international student, she received help from the Office for International Students, which has helped her to survive and avoid enormous levels of stress. She believes that planning and scheduling is the key to balance!

  • Bridget Hagen’s Story.

This lady quickly learned that she could be the best mother and still achieve academic success. She has learned much about being flexible and allocating enough time to calm down before the breastfeeding sessions. She recommends evaluating all the possible solutions, starting from parents and college friends to community helpers and special clubs. Bridget also learned that basic stretching exercises also help to remain flexible!

  • Colleen’s Humi’s Story.

She learned that she would become a young mother when the world had already been three months into pandemic times. She mentions that becoming a mother has made her more assertive regarding education and her goals. She has learned that life without self-care as a mother is hardly possible, which is why she recommends setting your priorities straight and attending special mentoring sessions for motherhood and additional sessions for confidence building. She claims that becoming a mother and a student at the same time was the best decision ever because it taught her about responsibility in both regards.

  • Mariama Jallow’s Story.

According to Mariama, it’s an experience one will always remember. Balancing her medical school studies, motherhood, and marriage, she has learned that each action taken should be seen through the lens of humanity, empathy, and mutual care. She received lots of care from her classmates and faculty members who showed their admiration and helpful tips. She recommends taking a leap of faith and remembering that life is never a bed of roses with all the mood swings and crying babies, yet when you know that you are not alone, it all works out!

Dealing With Scholarships and Community Assistance

Since student parents are always short on money, it’s essential to consider not only federal assistance but also research possible motherhood scholarships. What you may not know is that some scholarships are not only based on academic merits, which means that if you have two young kids under five, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Likewise, do not ignore possible community assistance where you can get special afterschool care or discounts for children’s clubs and other leisure activities. When you can manage to save some funds and know that your child can be safe when you need at least an hour in peace, it helps you to remain sane, fit, and happy!

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