Need to Know: Visit Great Wolf Lodge

If you’re thinking of visiting Great Wolf Lodge, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got your Facts, need to know, and tips for you here! Also, be sure to visit my post from our visit two years ago here.

I visited the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington recently with my girls and here are a combination of my takes and theirs.


  • The Great Wolf Lodge is best known for its warm (28 degrees celsius) indoor waterpark, which is 56,000 sqr feet in size!
  • The Waterpark is included in your stay and is available from 1.00pm on the day of check-in until closing (9.oopm) on day of check out
  • There is something for everyone from toddler to adult in the water park
  • In addition to the waterpark, there is the MagiQuest game, arcade, mini golf, spa (one for kids and one for adults), ice cream parlor and pizza place
  • There are several dining options
  • Family suites that can accommodate families of all sizes


  • Don’t miss story time (at least once) in the lobby. When you check-in they’ll give you a fact sheet that will tell you when things happen.
  • The MagiQuest game (like a scavenger hunt through the hotel) is best for kids 6+
  • Towels are provided inside the waterpark, no need to bring or take from your room
  • Lifejackets are provided (free) in the waterpark
  • You can buy snacks, food and beverages (yes, even Pina Coladas) inside the waterpark
  • By 10am, all tables and chairs in the waterpark are claimed on a busy day
  • If you’re arriving before Check-in time and your room isn’t ready, be sure to have a swim bag ready to go as you can use the waterpark as of 1pm. Pack one family bag with bathing suit and flip flops for each family member so you can go straight to the waterpark upon arrival.
  • Toddlers will love Slap Tail Pond and Fort Mackenzie with plenty of small scale water fun.
  • You must be 42″ to ride the larger waterslides (Alberta Falls and River Canyon Run) and 48″ tall to ride Howlin’ Tornado
  • The River Canyon Run holds up to 5 people
  • It is literally a kids’ paradise all around!

Visit Great Wolf LodgeTIPS

  • Buy a Paw Pass (or other package deal) if you want to treat your child to games as well as treats and souvenirs
  • The ice cream shop carries Mini Melts
  • The pizza shop next to the waterpark apparently serves delicious pizza
  • There is a restaurant in addition to the buffet (for dinner) in the Conference Centre
  • Lockers are $15 rental, so bring the bare minimum into the waterpark


  • Flip flops or crocs for in the water park
  • A cover-up or robe to wear to and from the water park to your room
  • Pajamas and slippers your kids would wear out of the room. You see a LOT of people in the Lodge roaming in their PJs and slippers. It’s just that kind of a place!


*We received a reduced rate to provide this review.

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