Nursery Organization Must-haves

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I have three daughters, so I’ve organized and decorated three nurseries over the years, and now they have three ‘big-girl’ rooms. It’s no joke. It’s a lot of work to organize three little people’s worldly possessions.

You have to purchase things, make sure they fit, launder them, store them, fix them and then do it all over again and again. Once you have more than one child, you now store things for hand-me-downs too.

Install a Closet Organizer


A closet organizer is an absolute must for a nursery because all the clothing items, little socks and diapers are tiny and take up so little space. You need bins, baskets, and small hangers to make it all work.

Get a Toy Bin


Have a small bin in the room somewhere for infant toys. They will need teething toys, rattles and soft toys within the first few months, so it’s great to have a catch-all for those small toys.

Store Shoes Under the Crib


This one is KEY. You’re going to be buying lots and lots of shoes. Under the bed storage is so fantastic because it’s out of sight and you can buy shoes for future and even store hand me downs to grow into here. This is a must have with three kids. All of my girls store shoes under their beds.

A fantastic one-stop shop for all your nursery decor, organization and home decor needs is Wayfair.


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