Nursing Essentials #WorldBreastfeedingWeek


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It’s World Breastfeeding Week, so we thought we’d pull together our nursing essentials for you as a part of our Ultimate Baby Gear Buyer’s guide since you’ll want to stock up on these items before baby’s arrival!


1 – Nursing Cover (Covered Goods)

2 – Bottle warmer (Boon)

3 – Nursing Bra

4 – Nursing Pillow (cute cover)

5 – Glider or Rocking Chair (TJs Kiddies)

6 – Receiving Blankets for spit ups (Lulujo)

7 – Breast Pump (Medela)

8 – Breast pads (re-usable)

9 – Nipple cream or balm

10 -Bottle drying rack (Boon)

11 -Night light (TJs Kiddies)

12 – Nursing Tea (Matreae)

Once baby arrives, you’ll be spending approximately eight hours (yes, we said 8!) per day feeding your infant. Nursing or bottle feeding is both time consuming and all consuming. Just remember this won’t always be this intense. Enjoy the snuggles, milk commas, gassy smiles and all the in-betweens. It goes so fast.

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