Organic Week September19-24: Amaranth Whole Foods


What makes Amaranth Whole Foods Unique?

Amaranth Whole Foods Market is proud to be a local Alberta-grown company. One of the big motivations for opening Amaranth 20 years ago was owner Ken Klatt’s passion for figuring out how he could be part of reducing waste. Ken felt that the largest impact he could have on waste reduction was to eat organic food that didn’t put thousands of pounds of herbicides and pesticides into the soil every year. Ken felt that citizens making these changes on their own was more powerful than lobbying government to mandate these changes – let the people speak! His vision to create a demand for organics was ahead of its time and has proven to be something that the public wanted to be a part of. The Amaranth family has grown through the years and there are now 3 stores in Calgary and one in St. Albert where the goal is to meet   people wherever they are in their wellness journey.

Amaranth offers the finest in premium vitamins, foods-based supplements, specialty items, natural and allergy-friendly groceries and quality body care.

Amaranth is proud to celebrate quality, nutrition, and balanced living. Thank you for welcoming us into your family and your community!


We will be raising money for Organic Alberta during organic week. We will have I ❤ Organic buttons and t shirts for sale with funds going to help farmers transition to organic farming! We also have a new organic oat flour and pancake mix that are grown and milled right here in Alberta.

Another note about organic – Organic food does not just affect our earth’s soil and our own health. Farm workers, birds, waterways, fish and other species are not exposed to dangerous chemicals from sprays and fertilizers! Washing pesticide residues from our produce decreases our exposure but what about all of the other points of contact and contamination before we ever bring it home? 

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