Our Weekday Risk and Reward Chore Routine

Our Experience

The chore routine in our house has been a bit hit-and-miss to see what works and what doesn’t. From an early age, my daughter was responsible for cleaning her room and picking up after herself, which she did happily. No allowance was attached to chores because I wanted the expectation to be she should help as part of the responsibility of being a part of our household.

As she got older chores slightly increased to different rooms in the house which became more of a challenge for both of us to follow through with as our schedules increased. I decided that our chore system needed to be a bit revamped so we decided together on a new system. Every day she completes her daily chore she gets one point. If she doesn’t do her choirs or doesn’t follow household expectations points are deducted. As she collects points she can redeem for different rewards. Chores being a task that would take less then 20 minutes to complete.

As we were heading into week three of this new experiment in June, I can happily report chores were being done again without reminders. I am optimistic that will be the same this September. She was showing a lot more pride in her visual rewards each week. There are still items that she helps with purely as being a household member– unloading groceries, taking out the garbage, setting the dinner table and any other household things that come up outside of her specific daily items with no the only reward being the satisfaction of being a team player in our house.


M-Clean Bedroom

T-Load and Unload Dishwasher

W-Clean Main Bathroom

Th-Clean Hamster Cage

F-Sweep Kitchen


Sleepover for up to 3 friends (10 points)

Dinner out or treat at favourite clothing store (10 points)

On-demand Movie (7 points)

Treat of her choice at grocery store (5 points)

No chores day (10 points)


Didn’t do chore (1 points)

Caught not telling truth (5 points)

Not listening (3 points)

Not prioritizing homework (1 point)

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