Out & About in the Olympic Village

[jamiesocial]In the past two years since moving to the Olympic Village on False Creek, some call it Southeast False Creek, and some just The Village, I have seen a huge amount of change.

What was once a ghost town, with only a bank and a liquor store open (not complaining) is now a vibrant, bustling community. And it’s not done. If you take a walk around you can’t help but notice the ten or so construction cranes on the perimeter of the village. There is more change coming and it’s all good.

Here’s what’s new and coming soon in and around the Olympic Village.

Blenz on 2nd and Manitoba

Blenz Just yesterday I stumbled upon the newest location of Blenz, on the corner of 2nd and Manitoba. Blenz has many locations around the city as you may know, but I love this one the best already. The staff are pleasant and eager to make your experience perfect every time. If you go, try the Matchachillo, so good!

Flaunt ~ On west 2nd, not far from the Blenz. This looks like a sweet little salon, and so close to home. I don’t have much information on it though and the website isn’t functioning. We’ll just have to wait and see. They relocated from a spot not too far away so they may still be in progress.

Coming Soon

Pure Nail Bar ~ With many locations around town, Pure Nail Bar has established themselves with a solid reputation and quality nail services. Perfect for moms.

D-Tox Spa ~ Signage reads that they will be offering up all esthetic services including waxing, nails, facials and RMT services. I think they are ‘related’ to Pure Nail Bar, but time will tell. This is a new franchise, I think.

Aqua ~ Sushi and Organic Juice Bar coming soon! I’m excited to see what this looks like, and of course to taste the yummy offerings.

These three shops are side-by-side on Manitoba Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue so they’re hard to miss. I don’t have a lot of information yet on opening dates but I can tell you that construction is in progress. 

Craft Beer Market ~  This ‘import’ from Calgary, Alberta will be housed in the gorgeous Salt Building and with over 120 beer on tap, I’m sure I’ll be there All. The. Time.

The UPS Store ~ This might not seem like a big deal but with no post office within a twenty minute walk, sometimes its a pain to get a package delivered. It’s right down the street from Blenz. Wanna send me something? Use UPS please!

There you go Mama, lots to do and see in the lovely Olympic Village neighbourhood soon. In the meantime, check out Urban Fare, Terra Breads, The Tap & Barrel, for sips, sweets and eats in one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Enjoy the summer. Maybe I’ll see you around!

p.s. When this post was published all shops mentioned that are open for business are kid-friendly.





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