Popular Preschools in Vancouver

Popular preschools in Vancouver

Many preschools in Vancouver are waitlisted, so even if your toddler is not quite pre-school ready, it is great to start thinking about it and doing some research. That way you can get on a waitlist (some which are 1-2 years long).

I know, it can seem overwhelming, which is why we are here to help.

By now, you may have reviewed our preschool types article, and want to know about a few of those offerings, amongst others in the Vancouver area. Knowing so will help you further because you can visit these schools, or call them to find out more information to see if that particular type (or that preschool) is a fit for you. We are highlighting just some popular preschools amongst the various types that you may be looking for.

Vancouver preschools

While there are a large number of preschools in Vancouver, we are rounding just a few here, that are either, well-known, have a few locations, or have been around long, or highly searchable. Being on this particular list does not mean its superiority over ones not on here, it is a guide to examples of schools and to give you a head start on your search.


ABC Montessori


Forget Me Not Montessori

Fraser Montessori

Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori

Reach for the Stars Montessori

Vancouver Montessori

Westside Montessori

Westside Montessori Academy


Vancouver Waldorf School

Reggio Emilia

Brainbridge Bilingual Education and Fine Arts Centre


Kiddy Junction Academy

Smart Start Preschool

University Hill Preschool

Vancouver Child Study Centre

Parent Participation

Happy Corner

St. Giles

Strong Start

Tom Thumb


*This post has been sponsored by Brainbridge Bilingual Education and Fine Arts Centre


We are happy to grow this list of preschools to encompass as many as possible, so if you feel there is one that needs to be on here, please do let me know.

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