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Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about Pre-School programs for your child. Most programs open their registrations for September 2018 now, meaning that many Open Houses take place in the first three months of the year (January, February, March). To help you through the process we have complied a list of all of the preschools in Edmonton for children age three to five. This list is in Alphabetical order and does not distinguish between preschools and playschools; as each individual program has their interpretation of these terms. We have however, separated the Montessori programs and alternative Kindergarten Programs into their own sections so you can easily find them.

Please note that we are also working on a list of Inclusive programs that support children with special needs and we will be linking them to this post in the coming week.

Beaux Esprits Playschool

Location: Room #007, 7925 158 street (Our Lady of Victories School), Edmonton

Belgravia Co-operative Playschool

Location: 11540 73 ave

Bethlehem Preschool

Location: 4638 117 Ave, Edmonton

Beulah Preschool

Location: Three locations in Edmonton

Blue Quill Playschool

Location: 11304 25 Avenue (Blue Quill Community League), Edmonton

Bonnie Doon Playschool

Location: 8620 91 St (Rutherford School), Edmonton

Caminitos Spanish Playschool

Location: Room # 8, 9735 – 80 Avenue (Escuela Mill Creek School), Edmonton

Canvastone Children’s Art Studio

“Classes offered are for 4 & 5 yr.olds, Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. We offer instruction in reading, printing, math and art. There is also Centre time. We only take 12 students and have 2 teachers. One of the teachers has 35 years of teaching early childhood education in the public school system. She has also taught art to children in our Canvastone Children’s Art school (same location).”

Location: Inside a beautiful studio on a acreage in our city: 4408 211 Street NW, Edmonton

Contact Information: Call Penny MacInnis 780-487-2846

Capilano Playschool

Location: 10534 62 Street (Hardisty School), Edmonton

Children’s Day Out

Location: Rm. #106, 10005 84 Street, Edmonton

Die Kleine Kinderschule

Locations: Forest Heights Elementary + Rideau Park School + Rio Terrace Elementary School

Discovery Time Preschool!

Location: 10970-127 Street, Edmonton

Dominelli School of Music

Location: #203, 8119-160 Avenue, Edmonton

Dunluce Preschool

Location: 11620 162 Ave NW, Edmonton

Edmonton Khalsa School (Playschool Program)

Location: 4504 Millwoods Rd. South, Edmonton

Edmonton Northwest Preschool

Location: 11515-127 Street, Edmonton

EIA Preschool

Location: 13070 – 113 Street, Edmonton

Ellerslie Road Preschool

Location: 10603 Ellerslie Road

Ellerslie Road Grace Point

Location: 720 62 St NW

Ermineskin Preschool

Location: 10709 – 32A Ave, Edmonton

First Discoveries Preschool

Location: 10345 – 144 Street, Edmonton

Fraser Community League Preschool

Location: 14720 21 St NW

Glenora Preschool

Location: 10426 136 Street, Edmonton

Gold Bar Preschool

Location: 10524 46 Street, Edmonton

Grandin Presoclaire

“”It’s never too soon for a child to learn a second language”. Join our warm, welcoming, child lead preschool program (3-5 years), with an introduction to French. We provide smaller class sizes to make the most out of your child’s learning experience. Come, learn and play with us.”

Location: 10209 123 Street, Edmonton

Contact Information: | Phone: 780-447-5995

Team Award of Excellence Winner 2015, NAPTA member

Green Circle Preschool

Location: 6703  112 Street (Parkallen School), Edmonton

JumpStart Learning Centre

Location: 1065 Connelly Way SW + 3580 Allan Drive SW

Kalyna Kids (Ukrainian Bilingual Program)

Location: 11310 51 Avenue, Edmonton

Kilkenny Playschool

Location: 14910 72 Street, Edmonton

Kings Kidz Christian Preschool

Location: 13111 – 79 Street, Edmonton

Lady Bug Picnic Preschool

Location: 13135 26 Street, Edmonton

Ladybug Playschool

Location: 6210 188 Street, Edmonton

Lago Lindo Preschool

Location: 17123 95 Street, Edmonton

LaPerle Community Playschool

“La Perle Community Playschool provides a ‘learn through play’ program for three and four year old children. As a non profit, parent operated cooperative, the playschool depends on a partnership between parents, teachers, and the executive, to work effectively as a team to provide the children of La Perle with an enriched playschool experience. This gives parents a unique opportunity to be a part of what your child does at playschool.”

Location: 18715 – 97A Avenue, Edmonton

Contact Information: 1-866-927-6020

LCDS Preschool and Kindergarten

Location: 13931-140th Street, Edmonton

Les Bouts D’Choux French Immersion Preschool

“Les Bouts d’Choux French Immersion Preschool is an independent, parent run cooperative program that provides a fulfilling and stimulating environment for children to learn through play.”

Location: 2850 Mill Woods Road (Frere Antoine School), Edmonton

Contact Information: or 780-975-7188

Les Causeries: The Introducing French Playschool

Location: 10860 57 Avenue NW (Pleasantview Community Hall), Edmonton

Lessard Community Playschool

Location: 17404 57 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Little Aspen Playschool

“Little Aspen Playschool Society has been a successfully run playschool in SW Edmonton for over 25 years. It is a parent operated co-operative and a non-profit organization. The play-oriented program runs 3 hours, has no parent duty days or mandatory fundraising. Small class sizes (Max 15) have a full-time teacher and assistant with daily outdoor activities”

Location: 12015 – 39 A Avenue, Edmonton

Contact Information:

Online Registration opens at 6:00 am on February 20th and runs until February 23rd.

Little Blessings Christian Playschool

Location: 5104 Ellerslie RD SW, Edmonton

Little Friends Preschool

Location: 9915 148 St NW, Edmonton

Little Hands Learning Preschool

Location: 345 Woodvale Road West Northwest, Edmonton

Little Lotus Inc

“Like the Lotus Flower, we want children to bloom to their brightest potential. We are a preschool program that offers children time to play, time to build strength and time to slow the mind though daily yoga-play. It is our intention not only to cultivate lifelong wellness through mindfulness and yoga, but nurture the whole child by offering meaningful experiences that foster growth in all areas of self.”

Location: 10047 80 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Contact Information:

Lorelei Beaumaris Playschool

Location: 16220-103 St NW, Edmonton

Malmo Pre-Kindergarten

Location: Room 15, 4716 – 115 Street NW (Malmo Elementary School), Edmonton

Menorah Academy

Location: 10735 McQueen Road, Edmonton

Newton Community League Preschool

Location: 5520 – 121 Ave, Edmonton

North Glenora Playschool

Location: 13535-109A Avenue, Edmonton

Ottewell Community League Playschool

Location: 9359-67A Street NW (Braemar School), Edmonton

Parkview Preschool

Location: 9135-146 Street, Edmonton

Progressive Academy Preschool

“Progressive Academy offers a creative and dynamic full time preschool program for three and four year olds. Our safe, engaging environment and small class sizes provide a wealth of opportunity for students to expand their literacy skills through reading and writing, play in our full gymnasium, and experience other classes such as Art, French and Music.”

Location: 13212 106 Ave, Edmonton

Contact Information: or 780-455-8344

Call or email anytime to book a private tour.

Promise Preschool


5812-149 Ave, Edmonton

Preschools in Edmonton

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Small Sprouts Preschool

Location: 17323 90 Street, Edmonton

Spirit West Preschool Academy

Location: 7003- 199 Street, Edmonton

Springhill Community Preschool

Location: 7730 106 St, Edmonton

South Clareview Playschool

Location: 3250 132A Ave, Edmonton

St. Basil’s Sadochok Preschool

“The St. Basil’s Sadochok program is a unique faith based pre-school program offering education in the Ukrainian Catholic faith and culture for children ages 3 and 4 years old. In a Reggio inspired play based learning environment, with a focus on fine and gross motor skills development and hands on activities and learning, your children are sure to thrive! Students are not required to be parish members, of the Catholic faith or Ukrainian speaking to participate. Everyone is welcome! Classes run Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Classroom visits are available upon request.”

Location: 10819 71 Ave NW, Edmonton (St. Basil’s Cultural Center)

Contact Information:

Strathcona Nursery School

Location: 8530-101 Street, Edmonton (King Edward Elementary School)

Rio Terrace Community Preschool

Location: 15500-76 Avenue, Edmonton

Riverbend Christian Preschool

Location: 495 Rhatigan Road East, Edmonton

Riverbend Playschool

Location: 258 Rhatigan Road East, Edmonton

River City Preschool

Location: 14907 – 45 Ave, Edmonton

Ronnie’s Preschool

Location: 11925 139 Ave NW, Edmonton

Terwillegar Community Preschool

Location: 1751 Towne Centre Blvd. NW, Edmonton

Tiny Hands Talk Preschool

Location: Tanner Wynd, Edmonton

Tiny Treasures Playschool

Location: 4304 41 Avenue, Edmonton

WECA Preschool

“At WECA Preschool we partner with families to provide quality, Christ Centered Early Childhood education for children age 3 & 4. We provide a safe learning environment in which children are encouraged through intentional play to develop age appropriate cognitive skills and critical thinking skills while fostering each child’s love of learning and creativity.” An amazing choice for anyone looking for preschools in Edmonton.

Location: 6315 – 199 Street NW, Edmonton

Contact Information: Connect with Shannon Fehr at

West Edmonton Playschool

Location: 15525 – 84 Avenue, Edmonton

Westend Community Playschool

Location: 15108 – 76 Avenue, Edmonton

Westridge Wolf Willow Playschool

Location: 505 Wolf Willow Rd NW, Edmonton

WillowWood Christian Preschool

Location: 14204 25 St, Edmonton

Windsor Park Preschool

Location: 11840 87 Ave, Edmonton

Woodcroft Community Playschool

Location: 2nd Floor, 13915 – 115 Avenue, Edmonton

Preschool in Edmonton

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Montessori Programs

Creative Minds Preschool

“Creative Minds Preschool aims to provide a unique fusion of Montessori based, scientifically driven, and Islamic curriculum for preschool children aged Three to Five. Our Center supports children’s inherit love of learning by providing a prepared environment where they are able to respond to their natural drive to learn under the guidance of trained and caring individuals. Integration of an Islamic worldview into our daily activities and curriculum makes our program unique from any other preschools in Edmonton. Basic Arabic and English are delivered via games, songs, and hands on lessons.”

Location: Edmonton North Unit 106, 10807 Castle Downs Rd || Edmonton West 6104 – 172 Street

Contact Information: Edmonton North 780-475-4000 or || Edmonton West 780-443-3200

Crestwood Montessori School

Location: 10042-164 Street, Edmonton

Montessori and Me

Location: Room 107, 16018 – 104 Avenue, Edmonton

Montessori Bilingual Academy

Location: 16629 83 Ave, Edmonton

One World Montessori School

Location: 951 Ogilvie Blvd NW, Edmonton

Rising Scholars Montessori

Location: 1207-91 Street S.W, Edmonton

Riverbend Montessori

Location: 536 Riverbend Sq, Edmonton

West End & Highlands Montessori

Locations: 15120 – 104 Avenue, Edmonton

We hope that our continued dedication will help you find the best preschool in Edmonton for your child and family!





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