5 Ways To Help Your Kindergartners Transition!

help your kindergartner

For some of you, this year, some of your little ones will be headed off to Kindergarten for the first time. This is a huge transition for your little ones and I remember how nervous my little ones were for their first day. It is a scary and exciting time which is why I always did my best to make the first year extra special. I tried to do my best to send my love with them each day, usually with a fun creative idea. Doing this would make them look forward to opening their lunches at school and made them feel loved. So we came up with some great ways to help your kindergartners transition with ease.

Lunchbox Notes

Not every Kindergartner can read but sending simple little notes with cute images can be a special way to let your little school goer know you are thinking about them. Let’s face it as parents with new little Kindergartners we are always thinking about them while they are away. These super cute Lunchbox notes by As the Bunny Hops are brilliant for beginner readers. The images are colorful and the simple words will help encourage your little one to yearn to read. This is even a great chance for you to get those creative juices flowing again. Maybe draw little cartoons of the things you will do together once they get home, or maybe happy memories to keep them smiling.

help your kindergartner

Get Them Involved

This is your child’s super huge first step into the world of elementary school and getting them involved in that transition is so important. Taking them out to go and buy a couple back-to-school outfits so that they are getting a chance to express themselves. Getting their favorite cartoon characters on their school bags can be another great way to help them feel comfortable and secure. It is just like that transition from crib to big kid bed when you would take them out to pick out new sheets. These things help them get excited for the days to come and help them feel good about themselves as they grow into big kids.

Family Pictures

Putting sweet family photos inside your little ones lunch box or school bag can be a cute way to remind them that you are not that far away. When my son had a hard lunch box I modge podged a family picture to the inside of the lid so it stayed out of the way of his lunch but was always there like a warm hug. It is a great option for parents who might not have time to do something creative and different everyday of the school year.

Themed Food

Everyone loves themed food and kids are no exception and, as a parent, if you have the time this can be a great way to keep your kids excited about eating their lunches. For Kindergartners the more colorful and fun the better. These great Alphabet Lunch Ideas by Eats Amazing are super cute and easy enough to pull off the night before! Snack time is also a great time to do something a little different and that’s why I loved these Monster Cereal Treats by Lord Byron’s Kitchen are just that. They are perfect for your little monster and it will have them asking for extra so they can share. It is a great way to help your little one make some good friends during their first year of Elementary school.

Help Your Kindergartner

Fun Routines

Having fun little weekly routines with your little ones can also help them along especially if their week or day hasn’t gone the way they planned. In our home we always go out for a tiny treat each Friday of the week. The treat can be either an activity, a play date with friends or an edible treat of their choice. On hot days that will be cold drinks or ice cream and on cold days it is always a fancy hot chocolate from a shop in our neighborhood.

With these great ideas your kid will be running off to line up with their classmates each day faster than you can kiss them good-bye. It is such an exciting year for them, make it easy and make it fun!

What ways did you help your little ones transition into Elementary school in Kindergarten?

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