Purging and Donating: Where To Donate To


It’s time for me to purge and clean-up the house before the hectic Holiday (a.k.a. BUYING) season is upon us. My big girls both have November birthdays as well, so our Winter months are crazy for acquiring more STUFF.

I have been working hard at clearing the clutter this year with getting rid of toys, all the baby clothes, and also the baby gear we don’t need any more.

But how do you decide where to donate the goods you’ve set aside to donate?

I’ve got a few suggestions for you (and some I personally do regularly).

Local Womens’ Shelter

Search online for your local womens’ shelter and get in touch with them to see what their high need items are and if any are a match for what you have ready to donate. Most will be in need of clothing, blankets, toiletries, baby/children’s clothing.

Recycling Organization

In many cities there are organizations that will take your gently used baby gear and give it to a mother in need locally. They match up gear that may otherwise end up in a land fill with a family who may not be able to afford a stroller or other important items. (Baby Go Round and Basics for Babies in Vancouver, Basically Babies, Compassionate Connections, and TERRA in Edmonton, You Can’t Spoil A Baby in Winnipeg, Children’s Cottage in Calgary, New Mom Project in Toronto.

Charitable Organization Pick-up Truck

Some charities such as Big Brothers and Canadian Diabetes send out trucks to pick up donations on a regular basis. Check online if there are pickups in your area.

Easy Drop-off

Value Village makes it simple to donate. You just drop off your bins and boxes full of clothing, baby gear, toys, household items and they do the rest. Local nonprofits, such as the Canadian Diabetes Association, benefit every time you donate!

Get purging, Fall is a great time to create some space before the influx of new stuff during the Holiday season!


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