How Does She Do It: Robyn Hardy from Bobs & Lolo


We are so excited to launch our How Does She Do It feature! Every few months we’ll interview and feature a ‘Celebrity Mom’! In between we’ll feature ALL moms (You! Please apply here!)

We are ecstatic to introduce our first Celebrity Moms – Canada’s Bobs & LoLo!

Bobs & LoLo are two-time Juno nominated singer-songwriters and the dynamic duo regularly spotted on Canada’s national preschool network, Treehouse TV in their upbeat, musical preschool series – Sing, Dance and Play with Bobs & LoLo. The Canadian pair is dedicated to connecting children to nature with music, movement and make-believe. Sharing musical stories that engage, inspire and educate, they teach young audiences to care about the world around them.

What began as a small collaboration in 2003 between Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (LoLo) has led to numerous awards including recognition from the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Western Canadian Music Alliance, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada as well as the Juno Awards (2010 and 2012 nominees). Growing up together on Vancouver Island, Robyn and Lorraine have always shared a love of the natural world and a passion for working with children. Bobs & LoLo allows them to combine their diverse academic backgrounds with a mutual love of teaching and the creative arts.

How Does She Do It

Robyn Hardy from Bobs & Lolo

Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

Suburban! After more than 10 years living in the vibrant urban community of Kitsilano, my husband and I made the move to North Vancouver a couple years ago. I feel completely at home. The quieter residential neighbourhoods and family-oriented communities of the North Shore are definitely a perfect fit for me!

Tell us about your children (how many, how old?)

We have one (adorable!) new, little bundle of baby. We welcomed our sweet daughter into our family less than a month ago.


Tell us about your typical weekday.

My weekday has changed a little over the last month. I think I’m still in the stage where nothing feels “typical”! Most days currently revolve around feedings, diaper changes and naps. I’m sure most mamas can relate! Being self-employed, there’s no maternity leave though, so the work hasn’t really stopped. I’ve been slowly getting my head back into a creative space while trying to dig my way out of a month’s worth of emails!  We are also in the final weeks of production on an upcoming Bobs & LoLo holiday album (Wave Your Antlers), so I’ve been getting into the studio for short recording sessions too.

Do you have help?

My wonderful husband, family and friends! Everyone has been so supportive and caring. We’re very lucky!

Who cooks dinner?

My husband and I normally share the cooking duties, but lately we’ve been spoiled with many meals being delivered by friends and family. The “Meal Train” is one of the best gifts we’ve received since our daughter was born!

How often do you buy something for just you?

Since having a baby?  It hasn’t happened yet!  Normally, I’d say I treat myself to a little something about once a month.

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

If bouncing a baby for hours and hours all day and night counts, then yes – I do exercise regularly! Seriously though, one of the reasons I love the North Shore so much is because of the easy access to outdoor fitness. I love walking, running, hiking, biking and yoga. I find that if I schedule the activity in, I’ll do it. Once I get back to regular exercise, my husband and I will likely take turns caring for our baby, or we’ll find ways to be active as a family. Our wee one will obviously get the lower impact version (hooray for baby wearing) for a while yet!

What clothing lines/stores do you like to buy for your child(ren)?

We’re just starting to get into clothing beyond onesies, but anything that’s organic, sustainable and super comfy will always catch my eye.

Complete the following:

I’m totally obsessed with…my daughter!

Three things in my purse right now …snacks (for me!), my iPhone and some Bobs & LoLo stickers!

My favorite drugstore buy is….lip balm!

My guilty pleasure is….buttered popcorn!

Thank you!

To see more photos from this fabulous session with Robyn visit Images by Bethany HERE.


Thank you to Bethany for taking these gorgeous photos of Lorraine!

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