Shaw Introduces BlueSky TV

Do you want a better TV experience? Shaw BlueSky TV is now available across Canada from

We switched from Shaw Gateway to Shaw BlueSky TV a few months ago and we haven’t looked back.


I love the visuals. You can see the movie ‘poster’ or show graphics so that you can recognize shows, characters, and movies from where you may have seen promotions prior.

Voice Control

Using Voice Commands, you can ask for anything and everything from ‘cooking shows’ to ‘movies’ to a specific show title. Watch for my next post (and social media channels) as I get my daughters to demonstrate!

It will bring up a list of shows/movies or to the direct channel you’ve asked for.

It will even tell you what is trending on Twitter and what is currently most-watched.

My personal favourite is searching for a specific TV show or movie that you’re not sure is on, was on, is recorded, on CraveTV,  On Demand or available for rent. It will bring it up and tell you. If it’s On Demand, it will display exactly how many episodes or Seasons are available.

I searched for True Blood by voice today. I was surprised to see all seven seasons here On Demand. 

When you select Episodes, it displays that there are 80 episodes and seven seasons:

Please note this is an adult rated show, I’m just using it as an example as it’s older and not currently on TV.

Kids Zone

Get IN THE KIDS ZONE and leave ’em there, I say. In the Kids Zone, they can search for, move around and not worry about finding some inappropriate adult show. Here, it’s safe and they will find plenty to watch!

In the KidsZone, you can review unbiased program descriptions from other parents, limit content access, or restrict viewing to certain hours and days.

Free Range TV App

Watch from anywhere. The Free Range TV App is ready to go, on the fly, on your mobile.

Record and Save

My favourite feature of PVR television is being able to record episodes and movies and being able to watch them anytime, pause and it’s always available. My girls record every TV show they’re currently in to, we record series we’re interested in, and movies that are on right now for later.

Check out BlueSky TV (and Internet 150: highly recommended!) now at

*I received BlueSky TV from Shaw to review. All opinions are my own.

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