Should You Use an Agency to Find a Nanny?


by: Karen Hughes

If you have looked at the child care options available to you and know that a nanny is what will suit your family, how do you find one? First, identify your priorities:  do you need a Full or Part time, Live in or out, what can you afford to pay? Once you know what these needs are, contacting a nanny agency can help you find someone who is the perfect match.

Working with a nanny agency will give you piece of mind. They will put forward nannies only for positions for which they appear to be suited for by their qualification, experience and personality. They provide full and relevant information on each candidate as well as doing a full background check, check references and driving records.  A lot of good nannies like to work with agencies as they too like the security of an agency finding them a job, they know that if they are with a good agency they will be well looked after and that even after the placement is made the agency will always be there to answer any questions or concerns.

Have the interview scheduled at a time that works well with you. Regardless of the age of the child(ren) it’s good to have them with you. Have a list of questions to ask that are important to you, make notes throughout, so you can later refer back.  Don’t do all the talking,  hear what the nanny has to say. A good prepared nanny will ask as many questions as you do! Things to look for when you are interviewing:

  • Is the nanny interested in your questions and family?
  • Does she interact with your children?
  • What experiences have they had with your aged child(ren)?
  • No matter how great the interview went, how fantastic you think the nanny is check references or ask the agency what their feedback was from the past employers?  Even if the agency has checked  you can certainly do the same OR call another reference.

An agency will be able to help you decide what nanny would be best for your family after the interview as the Nanny will have given their feedback. A good agency will help to negotiate pay, put together a contract with both you and the nanny making sure that it is fair and meets Employment Standards.

It can be difficult to find that special someone to be your nanny.  It can be both overwhelming and confusing, so be sure you start your search with plenty of time. Don’t rush, be patient and certainly don’t compromise on your choice. Follow your instincts and you will be happy with the choice you made and be able to leave your child(ren) with the nanny knowing that you have made the right choice.

Photo:  Surlygirl on Flickr

Karen has a degree in childcare from the UK (NNEB) and has over 12 years experience working in the UK and abroad as a nanny, maternity nurse and operating day care centres. She currently operates Cheekychops Nanny Agency.

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