Sleep, Baby, Sleep.

DSC_7483bphoto by Heather Wagner Photography

How much sleep are you getting mama?  Is your baby sleeping the ‘normal’ number of hours each day/night?   What does ‘getting his days & nights mixed up’ mean anyway?

Covering everything from sleep topics to the toxicity of vaccinations, and what to do about it (no, not skipping vaccinations altogether!), our 8-week Modern Baby Health program for moms & babes covers so many important topics relevant to new mothers.

Our speakers are parenting experts and professionals in their field – we have different demos and topics every week.  This means you get face time (in a small group environment) with ten different professionals over the 8 weeks.

5 reasons you will benefit:

1 | Receive a photo shoot with Candice Wong Photography and a keepsake photo of you and your baby.

2 | Bring your baby along and bond with other new moms from your community (yes, you are more than welcome to bring an older sibling too!  Nanny service is available and there is a playroom at our beautiful venue, The Mom Spa).

3 | You will receive a SWAG bag and prizes!  We partner with fabulous local business as well as brands such as MommyHook, Boon, Canadian Family and more!

4 | Learn how to perform baby massage, which benefits your baby’s digestive system, calming ability and restfulness.

5 | “Oh great, how do I lose the weight?”: we have Tracy from Fit4Two with a post-natal yoga demo and a wholistic nutritionist talking health eating while dropping those pregnancy pounds (as well as healthy feeding for babe).

If that’s not reason enough, we’ve extended our early bird discount until March 31st!  Only $10/class is an amazing value.

Space is limited to 10 mothers, register today.



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