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What is a Soggy Tot?

A “soggy tot” is a vehicle seat cover but it’s not just any cover. The soggy tot is handcrafted in Canada with special care; the material is water repellent and does not allow dirt to penetrate through. The best part is the entire cover is machine washable!

My boys seem to be always hungry so they often have a snack and a drink in the vehicle and this leads to a giant mess under their car seats. Leaky water bottles and juice boxes just make the situation worse!

I first heard about the Soggy Tot from a Mom who told me what a lifesaver these covers are. She told me how the cover was water repellent and that the all the crumbs and snack bits stay on it instead of getting ground into the seat.  And that you can periodically shake your cover off and/or throw it in the wash; the best part is it takes only a few seconds to install!

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After hearing such great remarks I wanted to test the product out myself and see if it was worth all of the hype. I must say the Soggy Tot seat cover has been wonderful! I wish I had taken a picture of our backseat before my husband vacuumed the mess just to give you an idea of how messy our little ones are.

Now the mess is contained to our Soggy Tot and won’t cause any damage to our backseat!

This fabulous seat cover was designed with dogs in mind; the original product is called a Soggy Dog Seat Cover. The company owner received so much positive feedback from Moms who love her covers that she started the Soggy Tot line as well!

The Soggy Tot and Soggy Dog line of seat covers are available in varying sizes depending on your vehicle and they don’t have any Velcro or snaps so the installation is a piece of cake! The soggy tot is unique because the outside edges flip up to catch all of the mess and crumbs before they hit the floor.

! If you are interested in learning more about the Soggy Tot you can check out the website here or email Chris at info(at)soggydog(dot)ca

 AND you have a chance to win your very own Soggy Tot! How exciting is that?

**Disclaimer ~ I was not compensated for writing this post and the opinions expressed above are my own **

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    I have this product for my dogs and it is truly amazing. I definitely need another one! Favourite feature is that it keeps the dirt/food/(dog)hair/wetness (milk/juice/water/mud/etc) from ruining my seats unlike any other cover I have tried.

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