Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

Now that the weather is warming up, and Spring has arrived, is your medicine chest cleared out from Winter colds and flu season?

Thankfully Boiron now has all of their fabulous homeopathic products available online!

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Since you’re having to restock everything for Spring and Summer now, why not go homeopathic all the way.


Toss old and expired medications.

The safest way to do this is by bringing them to your local pharmacy to be disposed of safely. Flushing and tossing in the garbage are not considered safe.

Update and replace

Replace the expired and tossed medications and make sure you have all the staples (below) in your cabinet for the upcoming season.

 Move it out of the Bathroom

The bathroom is humid and warm, and because of that, it’s not the ideal spot to store medicines as that can cause them to lose their effectiveness faster, and impact the expiry. Somewhere cool and dry, and don’t forget out of reach of children and pets!



Allergy medication is so important to have on hand in the Spring. My husband suffers from hay fever every single year. This year I’m going to have him try the SABALIA from Boiron.

Insect Bite relief

I abhor mosquito bites. I get big red welts from them, and they itch like crazy! I need to have this stuff on hand from the moment it’s warm enough for bugs to fly to the time frost sets in again next Fall.

General Muscle Pain Reliever

My girls run around outside like crazy people this time of year. By bedtime, their muscles have reminded them that their little legs carried them around much more than usual. Between playing outside and all of their regular gymnastics and dance, the Arnicare gel can help relieve pain and soothe them for sleep.

Don’t forget general pain reliever tablets, stomach remedies, bandaids and antibiotic ointment in your medicine cabinet for emergencies.

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*post brought to you by Boiron. All opinions are my own.

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