6 Ways To Feel Better When You’re Pregnant During Flu Season

Pregnant During Flu Season

Nothing is worse that being Pregnant During Flu Season. We hope that with due diligence, the flu shot and a little prayer we will not get sick during flu season. Sadly not everything goes to plan even with taking all the precautions and eating your best. Sometimes you still get sick, and not being able to take a lot of medications you normally would, due to pregnancy, can make it even more miserable. So to help you make it through, even if you get sick this year, we wanted to give you some simple, natural ways to get yourself feeling better.

Mama Needs Sleep
Above all things this is what you need the most. You need to actually sleep, stay in bed and rest the best that you can to help your body save its energy for healing. This means you can’t be pushing yourself to do more and more things while you are sick. You need to take time to slow down and think about yourself. The more you rest the faster you will be back to your old self.

All the Fluids
You can never have enough fluids going through your body being pregnant and sick. This is a great way to again help with any dizzy spells, while keeping you hydrated. If you have a fever or intestinal issues you are going to need to make sure you are staying on top of your water intake. Water is your best friend when it comes to flushing out your system and so many of us never drink enough.

Keep Mama Warm
When the chills start to set in, you can really start to feel horrible and always being cold never does anything good for your mood. Making sure you have your comfiest housecoat, favorite blanket and hot water bottle always topped up and hot can be the perfect way to help turn your mood. There is nothing better than jumping into warm covers at the end of the day and when you’re sick you need to take the time to rest in a warm cozy bed.

Flu Season

Sinus Pain No More
For many the flu means a lot of sinus congestion and discomfort. Of course most of the time you would reach for a pill to solve this issue and give you a little relief. But since you are with child at the moment most of those options wont work for you and you need a different solution. Something more hands on and less medication based and that is where a Netipot would come in handy. Going to local drug store for a Netipot when you are dealing with sinus pain can be a heaven send. It flushes out your nose and nasal cavity giving you the full relief you need that blowing your nose just is not providing you.

Honey Soothes
When your throat starts to burn and your head is pounding a great cup of tea can do wonders. Having a nice hot drink filled with lemon, ginger and honey can be perfect for soothing your chest. The vitamin C from the lemon and kick from the ginger is a great compliment to the honey that makes your throat go from scratchy to smooth. Honey is your best friend when you are suffering with a sore throat and paired with a little vicks on your neck and chest you can squeeze in that after lunch nap.

Scents Bring Peace
When you are feeling your worst and you need a little help getting to sleep or breathing in general a water diffuser or humidifier is your new best friend. Filling these with lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil can be an incredible way to give you a boost or help you get a little rest. They are an incredible way to add some healing power to the air you breathe in your room, and can do wonders for your healing.

Above all these make sure you know to listen to your body, go seek a professional’s guidance right away if you feel there is anything wrong. You know your body best!

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