Boiron Has Natural Ways To Get Your Family Through Flu Season

Flu Season Boiron Brunch Influencers

** This Flu Season post was sponsored by Boiron Canada – all information was gathered at the event and as always: consult your physician. ** 

Last week we partnered with Boiron Canada and hosted an educational brunch for a few health conscious mom influencers here in British Columbia. We wanted to learn in a wonderful and well known Vancouver location and went with Seasons in the Park located at the top of Queen Elizabeth park, classically Vancouver with great staff and a private room perfect for all of our influencers and their little ones. We were so excited to host all these incredible multi tasking moms and share with them just how Boiron can help them care for their families even better this cold and flu season.

Our speaker Maeshal Mawji was so informative and patient as we chatted over food and babies that us here at Modern Mama had to take the time to share all the things we learned from her and other moms in the room! It was the perfect setting to talk, bounce ideas around and learn from each other – a truly touching experience to have with so many local moms.

Flu Season

Stodal Honey – For Dry&Wet Coughs
Boiron Canada

With flu season in full force we wanted to highlight some of the amazing all natural Boiron products us parents can use to help our kids/ourselves get better and prevent sickness this year. One of the biggest challenges in our house is always coughs. Whether they last too long or are constantly in a state of change they are one of our biggest flu season challenges. We learned that Stodal from Boiron is one of the few medicines out there made to relieve both wet and dry coughs. Usually you are having to juggle between two different bottles depending on the cough and this one helps you take the guess work out of it. With the added honey to help soothe your little ones throat you can best believe we will be giving this a go when it comes to finding cough relief. They even have a great sugar free option and since these are natural they can be taken in tandem with other over the counter medications.

Of course when I get sick I am not just battling coughs I usually always have an awful headache to go along with that, the last thing I need when I am battling an illness and still having to try and run a household. That’s where Oscillococcinum comes in handy – the little tubes of tiny pellets will help ease that headache and get you going again. A hard name for many but what seems unpronounceable is still very effective.

Flu Season

Oscillococcinum – For Headaches
Boiron Canada

Of course we weren’t just learning about their Boiron products we were learning about homeopathics in general and how everyday natural items can help benefit our health. We learned all about Fire Cider and how we can make our own at home to take everyday to keep that cold away and get your body feeling and working its best. We also learned all about how bone broth has amazing anti-aging benefits with all the collagen you get from the bones themselves. Not only is it great for your beauty regime it is amazing for keeping those insides at their best too think your hair, nails, joints and tendons.

It was one of those days where you can’t help but learn something new and that is always great – not only that but this was everyone’s very first experience at Seasons in the Park. We hope we helped teach these moms something they can use to help them keep their families healthy this flu season, I know I sure did.

Thank you Boiron Canada for the amazing #BoironBrunch and this great learning experience just in time for flu season!

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