super mom


Sometimes I think I was meant to be a mom in the 1950’s.  I love being a stay at home mom, having dinner on the table when my husband gets home from work, taking care of the kids, and ensuring the house is clean.  (Don’t get me wrong…I make hubby do stuff too)  I’ve been lucky enough to stay at home for the past couple of years and I’ve gotten used to doing everything myself, especially since my husband has worked out of town 75% of the time.

I would always get the “I don’t know how you do it” comments.  “I could never do what you do” was one of my favorites.  I felt like Supermom.

We decided to expand our family.  Last year we welcomed our youngest into the picture.  Suddenly I had to deal with two 5 year olds, one of which with ADHD, school, dance, soccer, cleaning, meals, AND a newborn baby (who was also newly diagnosed with a genetic disease)…all while my husband was only home 4 days every two weeks.  Needless to say, it got harder to keep up.  I didn’t tell anyone that I only cleaned my house before my husband would come home or when I was expecting visitors.  I needed to keep up the mask that I could do it all.

Fast forward a few months and suddenly the economy starts going downhill.  It’s time for this mama to head back to work to help keep the family afloat. My hubby is back working in town but as the family matriarch, I felt obligated to do it all…to be that “Supermom”.  I spent the first 3 days back to work crying.  I was exhausted and overwhelmed.  I had this unfounded idea that I had to do it all.  To me, that was what a Supermom was.


I’ve been learning a lot about what a Supermom really is since I’ve been back to work full time.  I’ve stopped worrying about everything being perfect.  It’s ok to ask my husband for help.  It’s ok to order take out because you just don’t have the energy to make dinner.  A messy house doesn’t mean I’ve failed.  A Supermom takes care of herself too.  My kids deserve a happy mom, a mom who worries more about spending time with them instead cleaning, and a mom who laughs.

The Real Supermom

To me, the REAL Supermom takes care of herself.  She takes that hour long bubble bath.  She lets the laundry pile up.  She’s outside playing outside with her kids instead of inside scrubbing the floor.  Most of all, the real Supermom asks for help.  You don’t have to be perfect.  We can all be Supermoms!

Family at play

So tell me, what makes YOU a Supermom?


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