Target Comes to Canada


As you may well know, Target recently opened two locations fairly close to us – Langley (Willowbrook) and North Delta (Scott Road & 72nd).  You may be hesitant about making the trip if you regularly visit Bellingham, considering the distance to either is about the same as a drive to the US store.  I recently checked out the Willowbrook location to find out if Target Canada was comparable to my beloved US locations.  Here’s the deal:


I was pleasantly surprised at the US brands

They had the Sam & Libby shoes at the same price as the Bellingham store, and I was surprised to see the xhilaration brand bathing suits and Merona brand priced exactly the same as the US as well. They carried all their standard brands such as Circo and Massimo as well, which is what makes so many of us love Target in the first place: cute trends at a discount price tag.


There were some notably Canadian touches

They carry Canadiana and party paraphernalia for our upcoming July 1 Birthday. A large Roots display was one of the first to be seen upon entering the store, so you can see they’re embracing our local product offerings also.  I spotted some other decidedly Canadian brands as well, things I’ve just never seen in the US store.

Groceries and Beauty Products are just never going to be as cheap as in the USA

It’s true.  I looked at some of the items I regularly buy in Bellingham, and each of these was several dollars more here on the Canadian side.  Not surprising I suppose.  Items like Splenda, Shampoo and Skin care products.

All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised and will gladly patronize my Canadian Target stores again for kids clothing bargains, household design items and Archer Farms chips!



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