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On Monday, November 25, we held our monthly School of Mom online and enjoyed hearing from both Fiona Lang-Sharpe and YayaBaby.ca’s Janelle Baker. Our topic was The 10 Rules of Pregnancy! One lucky winner also received a $100 Gift from YayaBaby.ca to spend on anything in store!

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Fiona’s 10 Rules for Pregnancy:

1. Eat and Drink well.

It goes without saying that you are now eating for two.  But do you know what to eat and what to avoid?  What are the risks? Make sure you are taking your vitamins and listening when you having cravings.

2. Get some exercise.

Exercise is very important generally in life, but why is it important when you are pregnant.  What type of exercise might be the most supportive?  Prenatal yoga can strengthen your core and relax your mind.

3. Check in with your emotional health.

Stress today is the number one cause of general illness.  If you have a high stress lifestyle or job, it might be time to evaluate your levels of stress and find ways to reduce it.

4. Keep your relationship in check with your partner.

Things are about to change a lot for the both of you.  Find ways to continue to communicate well and talk lots about support for each other after the birth.

5.  Hire a Doula.

We know today if you have a doula present at your birth it will reduce your risks. Consider hiring a doula for both you and your partner.  Talk to other Mums who’ve done it and ask about their experience.

 6.  Talk to a Lactation Consultant and take a breastfeeding class!

About 92% of women initiate breastfeeding post birth but many of them fail to continue beyond a few months because they lack knowledge of how to overcome common problems.  Talking to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) before you give birth can support you in your breastfeeding success.

7.  Don’t bleed money into tons of baby items.

Having a baby can be expensive, don’t get ahead of yourselves on items you may barely use.  Keep to the basics, don’t over buys clothes, speciality chairs, strollers, breast pumps etc.  You’ll know soon enough what your needs are after the baby is born.  If people want to give you gifts I recommend getting some of them in gift cards that way you can enjoy some of the items you really need and want.

8.  Look at taking and alternate Birthing class.

Birthing Within and Hypnobirthing are great ways to augment your regular class or to attend as a stand alone series.  These classes teach really good methods of breathing and relaxation vital for a happy healthy birth.

9. Write a Birth plan and Breastfeeding plan

With today’s hospitals many of the facilities are supporting natural birth with tubs and showers.  This means you have choices on what you would like your birth to look like.  Writing a plan helps you keep on track and lets others know what’s important to you.

10. Join a “Mommy” group

Its important today to have community around you.  Joining with other women who are pregnant or breast feeding can be vital to supporting you on your journey

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