The Importance of Childrens Dentistry


There’s no better time to start teaching good dental health than at a young age.

Good habits need to be formed young in order for the child to carry on and continue to have a healthy smile. That’s why here at Toothworks Calgary we go the extra step to help your child feel safe and comforted before we begin to build the foundation for your child’s dental health. From our waiting room to treatment rooms, your little ones will be entertained and comforted.

What makes Toothworks a great choice for kids?

  • iPad kiosks
  • Friendly patient rooms
  • Caring professional staff
  • Overhead t.v
  • Toy box
  • Turning fear into fun!

Toothworks Dedicated to offering the Best Care Imaginable

Our dental care for children in Calgary is ingrained with the principle that we are helping your child to achieve a healthy smile and great outlook on dentistry. We’ll take great care in teaching and explaining to your child the importance of a healthy smile. Dental care for children in Calgary should be fun and educational, and that’s what we aim to do here at Toothworks.

We encourage you to bring in your child as early as 1 year of age for “Happy Visit” before the age of 3 years. After 3 years of age, most children will benefit from a dental cleaning and check up by our experienced and gentle dental team in Calgary.

To learn more about the importance of childrens dentistry featuring Toothworks Dental, you are invited to join our Modern Baby Health event. For full details and registration click here:

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Start your child’s dental journey off right!

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