The Midlife Awakening: Embracing New Beginnings in Menopause


I see menopause as the start of the next fabulous phase of life for a woman. Now is the time to ‘tune in’ to your bodies and embrace this new chapter – Kim Cattrall. 


Menopause is a wild stage. One minute you’ll be sitting with your friends laughing, the next minute you’ll feel the urge to run away to a distant place. Your sleep schedule would be disturbed by the hot flashes waking you up at night and decorating your forehead with beads of perspiration. 


Some women freak out at the oh-so-many-changes while some just look at the mirror post the hot flashes and say that the sweat has made them look more prettier. Be the latter and you’ll be surprised at what you’ve  become. When in doubt, reach out to Simply menopause, who have the answers and suggestions to all your queries. 


Embracing new beginning in Menopause

Menopause is called the second half of a woman’s life, and many women consider it the second life that has opened new doors of opportunity for them. Well, menopause didn’t bring a side gift for them; it’s all about perspective. Having a positive approach to these changes makes all the difference. 


There are a lot of things that you’re going to feel in this phase, and you need to be mindful of the changes in order to efficiently deal with them.

Listed down are the symptoms of menopause


  • Irregular periods
  • Hot Flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain 
  • Sleeplessness or difficulty sleeping
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Thinning hair and dry skin


As said earlier, some women will be exhausted by the changes, while some of them won’t feel anything at all. It all depends on the living style, body type, physical activity level, etc.

Tips on how you can embrace your new self

Embracing yourself, self-prioritization, and fulfilling your dreams, it’s all easier said than done. Well, it has to be because we have been embracing, prioritizing, and taking care of others for so long that it’s going to be a hard time convincing ourselves over so many others; it’s not impossible, though.


No doubt these days are overwhelming, making you question your worth and asking all sorts of stupid questions to yourself. But now is the time for a change, for that lifetime change that you always wanted, and trust me, it’s not that hard. 


Listed below are some pointers that might not transform your life, but they’re sure to make you help and start thinking for your betterment. Read on.


  • This is a chance for you to pursue your dreams. There are several women entrepreneurs that started their own businesses at the age of 40. There are others who have pursued their dream of traveling the world, post and during this period. You just need to take the first step.


  • However, as easy as this sounds, taking the first step is sometimes the toughest part of it. Take baby steps. The first thing you need to do is realize how your body is reacting to these changes. Everyone knows the symptoms, but no one knows how your body is going to deal with them. 


  • Start with prioritizing yourself. Once you know that it’s not just your family or the people around who have needs and you need to cater to them, you need yourself too. Take this as an example – your children look up to you for the homework, for breakfast, dinner, lunch, and even during their playtime. You are the one who has been called ‘the homemaker,’ and people are gonna judge you if the house you’re living in is even a bit messy. You alone have to manage all this, then why not first manage yourself.


  • Take out some time for yourself, go for walks, listen to music, take a day off, go for a tea party, and check out that gym around the corner of the street. In fact, this is the best time to check that gym out. Now that you have started caring for yourself, you must know that menopause may also bring some bad effects.


  • Bone weakness, weight gain, and heart diseases are some symptoms that are trying to be friends with you during this phase. You need to choose your friends carefully. You can either hit the gym and be friends with the gym equipment or stay at home, take care of everybody else, and be friends with the diseases instead.


  • Exercising is one such activity that you must include in your routine during this phase. Exercise would help you maintain your weight balance, strengthen your bone health, improve blood flow, enhance stamina and metabolism, and lift your mood as well. 


  • Practicing mindfulness is yet another habit that’ll help you cope with the symptoms. Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing are some of the examples. These kinds of activities keep your mind at ease, help you relieve stress, and you do not lose your calm more often than you usually do.


  • Join a support network. The next best thing after exercise that you can do during this phase is join a support network. It’s in human nature that we feel at ease when we hear that the other person is going through the same. Well, the support network is not only to feel you at ease; as mentioned earlier, each of our bodies is different, and we all deal differently with it. 


  • When we hear the experiences of others, we take mental notes of how they dealt with the negative things and what they did not to be impacted much by it. 

You can share your experiences as well as seek suggestions. There are times when you do not have a solution for your problem, but you’ll always have a solution for others’ problems.


  • Modify the suggestions and apply them in your life as and when you want them. 



Women are expected to keep themselves second, sometimes even last. The family’s, the husband’s, and the house’s needs have to be on top. That’s correct, but in the process, do not forget yourself because, in the end, it’s you taking care of everything else. 


Menopause isn’t a one-time or one-year thing. It’s going to last. There’s a pre-stage warning you to get a hold on yourself, and then there’s a post-stage celebrating your womanness and success.


You only live once, make the most of your life.

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