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*Disclosure: I was gifted this product to be able to facilitate this blog post. As always all my opinions are my own*


Having children is incredibly hard on your body, and of course, an area that takes one of the biggest hits is your pelvic floor. So, strengthing it before, during, and after pregnancy is extremely important. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the consequences of not being proactive. While I personally don’t experience incontinence I know there is definitely room for improvement with my pelvic floor health.  So, I was super excited to give Kgoal’s kegel exerciser a try and share my experience with all of you.


What Is KGoal?

kGoal™ is an interactive pelvic floor training system for women (device + free app) that offers a unique combination of guidance, tracking, biofeedback, and games. This product currently retails for $149.00 USD.


How Do You Use It?

It is an inflatable device so, you push the button and allow all the air to be released. Once that is done you use a silicone safe lubricant to insert the device, once it is in place you push the button again to reinflate. This ensures that it is the right size for you. The device will vibrate every time you engage your pelvic floor muscles letting you know you are engaging them properly – which was very helpful! Once you’re finished with your exercises push the button again to deflate and remove the device. Once it is removed you will need to reinflate so you’re able to clean it. Using a silicone friendly toy cleaner or mild soap and water works just fine.




pelvic floor

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  • Guided Workout’s– There are several different games to choose from including Bricks ( like brick breaker), Shape Shift, and Moving Target. Each of these games is 5 minutes in length and you can choose how many you decide to do. I will typically do each game once about 2-3 times a week.
  • Instant Feedback– During your exercise the app will provide you with helpful tips and feedback so you can get the most out of your workout.
  • Tracking– As you use the device you will be able to see how your progress with your strength, endurance, and control.
  • High Quality Materials– Made with 100% phthalate-free, body safe Class VI medical grade silicone.


Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed using this product it was comfortable, easy to use, and I noticed my pelvic floor strength increasing only after a couple of uses. There are other pelvic floor exerciser’s out there but having the guided workouts completely changed everything for me.  If you’re pregnant and looking to use this product I would advise that you discuss with your physician before use and be sure to not use this product for 6 weeks after delivery.

I am excited to share that Kgoal was very generous and gave me a discount code to share with you! Use MODERNMAMA for 20% off!


Click here to find out more and to purchase one for yourself


Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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