The Perfect Childcare Option – An Au Pair

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Summer is coming and you know what that means- time to start planning your child care for September! Don’t fumble around with coordinating babysitters or After School Programs. Hire an Au Pair!

Au Pairs are young adults seeking a cultural experience abroad. Au Pairs provide child care and child-related housekeeping. They come to Canada under a Working Holiday Visa for up to 12 months at a time! Although they do not have as much experience as Nannies, they have gained child care experience through babysitting, tutoring and camp counselling.

Enjoy the flexibility of having your child care provider in the comfort of your home! Au Pairs should take on the roll as “big sister” to your kids as she is here to be a part of the family. Your children can benefit from learning about new cultures as your Au Pair teaches them about her favourite foods, games and holidays from her own country. This can be a very exciting and rewarding friendship for children of any age and an equally valuable experience for the Au Pair.

The great thing about this program is how simple it is to bring an Au Pair into your family. They can apply for and receive their Visa in about 8-12 weeks. Also, this is a very low cost program as the air fare and health care costs are the Au Pair’s responsibility.

Some available Au Pairs:

Julia H.

  • 18 year old girl -Germany
  • 9 month placement
  • Childcare experience mainly through babysitting, an internship in a primate school and working as a summer camp counsellor
  • Wants to be a primary school teacher!  

Kristin P.

  • 19 year old -Germany
  • Wants to study Biology
  • 12 month placement
  • Childcare experience as a big sister, intern in kindergarten, tutor and group leader with children between 2 and 15 years of age
  • Excellent English and Good French language skills 

Carolin E

  • 18 year old -Germany
  • Wants to study Brand Management after she returns to Germany
  • 9 -10 month placement
  • Childcare experience as a babysitter, and tutor with children between a few months and 10 years of age
  • Excellent Reference: “If I ever need an Au Pair I would pick Carolin! She has a great personality and she is a girl you can count on!”

Find more information at International Nannies & Homecare Ltd today! They are Canada’s full service Au Pair & Nanny agency. 1-800-820-8303

Follow me along in my family’s story as we bring in an Au Pair to help us out around the house with my three girls. Right now we’re just about to start interviewing with the help of International Nannies & Homecare.


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