The Truth About Tummy Time

tummy timeI had the opportunity to review a copy of The Truth About Tummy Time recently.  The book is written by Stephanie J. Pruitt, a physical therapist and mom from Alabama who dealt with plagiocephaly (flat head) with her child.  She was also noticing an upwards trend of this issue in her practice, and decided to research and write about this topic to help educate parents.

The book is a bit on the technical side, but together with some graphs and tips for keeping your child safe from SIDS but with healthy developmental milestones, it’s a good read for any parent of an infant.

I liked the summary of targeted developmental milestones:  (this is just an overview, she offers every month’s range-of-motor milestones in the book)

0 Months:
Lifts and rotates head while lying on stomach
Bends and straightens legs while on back
Displays grasp reflex
Holds rattle briefly

3 Months:
Holds head upright when body is tilted from side to side
Extends back briefly in supported sitting position
Brings both hands together to midline to reach for a toy, with head in midline
Reaches for and shakes rattle

6 Months:
Reaches for toys while balanced in sitting position
Raises trunk from surface, shifts weight, and reaches for toy on stomach
Grasps both feet with hands and holds them while on back
Holds and moves rattle puposefully

9 Months:
Maintains balance sitting while playing with a toy
Claps hands three times
Turns body around by pivoting in sitting
Scoots on bottom and creeps forward on hands

12 Months:
Catches a rolled ball in sitting position without losing balance
Opens board book
Stirs spoon in a cup
Turns cup, dumps out food

You can purchase the book on her site for only $19.95 or $10 for the eBook.  I have a hardcopy to give away!  Just comment on this post to win!  I will randomly draw one comment on Friday March 2 to receive a copy!



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    My son is now 12 days old and my daughter is 25 months. I’d love to read this book, as I’ve found that the information I’m receiving from the health unit is not the same as it was 2 years ago! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

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    Thanks for posting this! My month-old son is already showing a tendency to lay on one side, and I’m trying everything to get him to lay on the other side to avoid getting a flat spot. This book will be a great read.

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    My husband and I have a 2 month old and have been trying to incorporate tummy time since a couple weeks of age. This would be a great resource to continue these activities and learn more!

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    I would love a copy of this book for my professional library. I discuss tummy time weekly with clients and more information and resources to help them is always greatly appreciated.

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    This is great news! More detailed information for
    For us moms/ Dads. Look forward to reading this;)

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