Baby Products That You Don’t NEED, But Boy Do They Make It Easier


Modern Mama Calgary wrote an excellent article earlier this year called “You Only NEED These 9 Things For Your New Baby,” and she is absolutely right, but here is a list of my top 10 products that made my life sooooo much easier as a new mom. Feel free to comment on this post about products you couldn’t live without so we can pass on our knowledge to those new mama’s to be 🙂

1.) A Good Spill Proof/Keep your Coffee Hot for Hours, Mug

I had these beautiful thoughts that once I was at home with my baby, and not at work, I would be able to drink my coffee out of a real mug, like a grown up. And you can, but you will constantly be warming that coffee up because, save for a few days in the beginning, when they are sleeping off the birth, babies don’t let you just chill and drink hot coffee. Stick with your travel mug. One that keeps it hot and steamy for a few hours and will not spill when you knock it over trying to feed or change or dress or whatever else the baby needs you to do. I personally LOVE my Contigo Mug, but just find one that you love.


2.) A Breastfeeding Pillow

Yes you can use couch cushions or your own pillow. You can just hold your baby with your arm. But trust me, you will thank that pillow that fits around you so that you can let the baby comfortably rest while feeding and you can still use the other arm (to drink your coffee lol). Get a pillow that is washable, or that has washable covers. Have a couple covers on hand, cuz babies spit up, some more than others. You will also likely spill your food on it while trying to get some nutrients in while the baby is taking yours.


3.) Lanolin Cream

This cream is no joke, you DO NOT want to just go with the flow while breastfeeding without some sort of cream. Your nipples will chafe, and crack, and bleed. It’s not nice. I did not know this little fact when I had my first. No one covered that in my pre-natal class. Do not make breastfeeding harder than it already is by trying to feed from nipples that feel like hot daggers.


4.)A White Noise Machine

It can be anything, some people use a fan in the room, I preferred a small sound machine that was compact, so you can bring it anywhere. Train them early to has background noise if you ever want to so much as watch tv after the baby goes down. It worked wonders with my kids, pre-Covid, we even had people over for drinks and the babies slept right through it. And I don’t get quieter after a couple glasses of wine lol. Hopefully, Covid will soon be behind us, and you can start entertaining in your home again and not worry about waking the baby. Some babies prefer plain white noise, I used the rain sounds for both my kids. I still fall asleep to rain sounds myself. This is the product I have, but there are tons of options out there.


5.) Baby Brezza

If you are using formula from the start, or add it in later, this product is a lifesaver for those sleep deprived minds. Its like a Keurig for baby bottles. Just fill the top with your formula of choice, choose the size of bottle you want to make, and voila, a warm bottle delivered to you without having to do any measuring or thinking lol. It is a little on the pricier side, but boy does it make life easier. Put it on your registry so a couple people can pitch together to get it 😉


6.) Sleepsacks

Another fabulous product that you don’t need per say, but makes baby sleep so much better. You are told not to use blankets in the beginning because the baby can smother themselves, but how do you keep them warm? A sleep sack! You can get ones that swaddle or ones with the arms free. They come is different thicknesses based on the warmth of your house, and in sizes up to 3 years +. My 2 year old still wears one and she’s in a big girl bed. I know she will be warm when she’s wiggling around at night, and it slows them down getting out of bed lol. Also makes it hard to climb out of cribs. They start getting out of them on their own? Turn them around so the zipper is in the back.


7.) Wipes Warmer

Do you need a warmer for your wipes? No. But I guarantee your baby will thank you for it. Nothing is worse than already trying to change a diaper in the middle of the night without REALLY waking the baby up. Now imagine an ice cold cloth on your nether regions, wouldn’t that make your eyes open a little wider?


8.) Baby Nest

This one is a bit controversial as the brand that I got (Dokatot) actually isn’t approved in Canada (But it is approved in the UK and the US so I took my chances with great reviews from friends), but there are still quite a few that are approved here. With my first baby, he fell asleep so problem feeding him, but the second I tried to transfer him to his bed, he would be wide awake. Short of kicking my husband out of our bed and giving the baby his side, I was running out of option. Then my british friend told me about this beautiful product and lent me hers to try. It was a miracle. I would feed him while lying in the nest (a slightly awkward endeavour, but us mama’s do what we gotta do lol) and I was able to lift him in the nest right to his crib. It is also perfect for a travel bed, or somewhere soft to put the baby down so you can do anything like shower or pee lol.


9.) A Baby Swing

When you have a newborn, you basically just need safe places to put the baby down because they are just a little lumps. There is such a variety of baby swings that range in price from $100 – $400. They move front to back, or side to side, or round and round, or all of the above. Some babies are fussy about what direction they swing, some just need movement. We had the one below, simply because it was given to us by a friend. It was perfect for naps, or when I was cooking, or trying to eat something, or basically any time I just needed to put the baby down for a minute to have a second to myself. It also has straps so they won’t fall out lol.


10.) Spouts/Spoons for Food Pouches

These little add on’s were perfect for feeding out of the house.  The spoons are perfect for feeding the baby. No need to bring a bowl and waste what they don’t eat. The spouts were great for when the little could feed themselves, but also like to just squeeze the food pouches so they end up all over themselves. It saved many outfits. Both products fit on both store bought, or refillable pouches made at home.




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