You Only NEED These 9 Things For Your New Baby


When you walk into a baby store and look around, it can be overwhelming. There are so many products you can purchase for your new baby. I want to narrow down that list and let you know what items you NEED for your new baby


You need lots and lots of diapers. To start, have a few packs of newborn size and size one. When diapers go on sale, stock up on all sizes. I would also suggest trying different brands. Pampers and Huggies will fit differently on babies. I used a different brand for each of my children.  Hello Bello makes cute diapers with pictures all over them if you’re looking for something different. 


There are many types of wipes. Again, I would suggest trying a few different brands to see what you like best. Some are thick, some rip easier than others and some are dry and require you to add your own water to them. My personal favourite are the Costco wipes. A friend of mine gave me a big box of them as a shower present. I am glad I had so many because my husband used a lot of them when he changed the baby’s diaper.

Car Seat

You need to have a car seat for your new baby. There are 2 different kinds of seats you could start off with. One is an infant carrier seat and the other is a convertible seat. Once you buckle your baby into the infant carrier seat you can carry them around. This seat has a base that is secured into the car and you can clip the seat into the base. The convertible seat stays in the vehicle once you install it. The nice part about this type of seat is that it will grow with you child and save you from buying another car seat in about a year. Furthermore, selecting a high-quality baby carrier at Wildbird or other reputable shops can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your little one is comfortably supported. Consider the various options available and prioritize both safety and comfort for your baby.


Your new baby needs a safe place to sleep. One option is a bassinet. There are many to choose from, so you will have to look around to  find what is best for you. Bassinets usually last until the baby is three months old or 15 lbs. Always check the manual for these limits. Most people will get a crib for their baby.  You will also need a mattress and sheets.


New babies are so cuddly so keep their clothes simple. You will need onesies and sleepers in newborn and 0-3 months sizes. Newborn size is often for 6 – 8 lbs babies and 0-3 months is often 8 – 12 lbs babies. All clothes brands tend to vary in how they fit your new baby.

Receiving Blankets

These are so useful. You can wrap your new baby up like a burrito. They work great to cover up when nursing, use as a burp cloth, or for wiping up spit up. Always have a few receiving blanks in the diaper bag and around the house.

New baby

Shampoo/Baby Wash

Make sure you have a baby wash and shampoo that is sensitive for your new baby’s soft skin.

Nail File or Clippers

You will need a nail file or clippers as your new baby’s nails grow so fast and they are sharp.

There are two additional items I’d suggest for you new moms. When you end up needing them, you’ll be happy to have them on hand. If your baby gets sick you will want to monitor their temperature so be sure to get a good thermometer. You will also want some infant Tylenol to help bring fevers down. 

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