It’s Time for a Date Night!

In between raising our daughter, working our full time jobs, and fitting in our hobbies (hockey and woodworking for my hubby, modern mama for me), my husband and I usually touch base at the very end of the day. Once Olivia is asleep we usually take to the couch where Cody will catch up on some sports highlights and I on my emails. It’s a nice routine but date night is completely different. It’s away from home and away from distractions and it’s a MUST in our household and it should be in yours too.

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It’s easy to forget that we need to spend quality time with our partners since we do see them everyday and sometimes it’s hard to find the time, or a babysitter, or an idea of what to do. Well let me take one of those excuses off your hands with this list of unique and fun date night ideas! With such fun ways to spend time together you will be making time for sure and for babysitter ideas why not try swapping babysitting time with family and friends? Or come to our Mama Needs a Babysitter Event on October 7!

1. Visit Crock-A-Doodle on Sep 25 for an adult workshop on fused glass. $45+gst per person


2. Join the Friday Night Fun League as a spare or as a team at the Spruce Grove Curling Club. (Cody and I will be in this league as beginners this fall/winter season!)

3. Head to Spruce Grove Public Library and purchase a ticket for Reel Thursdays. Ticket is $12 but you will also receive a $10 Famoso gift certificate and a complimentary wine tasting at Liqour on Mcleod before the movie at Landmark Cinemas.

Friends REEL Returns

4. Fit in a round of golf before the end of the season at The Links. Weekends after 2 PM is $63/person and you get a shared golf cart, a bucket of range balls, and a $10 food voucher.

5. Check out a DIY workshop at your local Home Depot and take the class together. Also saves your husband or vice versa from being the teacher which sometimes doesn’t work out…

6. Experience a wine tasting with Terry at Liquor on Mcleod. Check out their website in advance for scheduled dates.

7. Get cooking at The Mad Platter Bistro. Next class is on October 21 and tickets are $40 which includes a meal.

8. Take a ballroom dance class at the Stony Plain Community Center. Next session starts on Oct 24 and it’s $110/couple. Check out the website for more details.


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