It’s Time: Getting Rid of the Baby Gear


It’s time. You’ve decided you’re done having babies.

What do you do with all the baby gear?

It’s simple. We have a few tips for you today that will help you purge and get rid of the baby gear easily and quickly. (Warning: emotions can get in the way!)

When you know it’s time but you’re feeling sad in some moments that you won’t ever need a crib or change table again, it can be heart wrenching. The feeling that you won’t hold a newborn again or that your babies are louder now than they were when they kept you up all night is stomach tightening. Grab a cup of tea and get to work mama… (there will always be other people’s newborns to cuddle);

Britax carrier

1 | Friends

Do you have a friend expecting her first? Reach out to her to see if she needs anything and let her know what items you’re giving away or would be willing to lend her. Be sensitive to the fact that she may prefer to buy her own, so don’t just drop things off or assume she wants or needs your gear.

2 | Sell

If you have a newer, modern and well kept item, such as a crib, stroller or other major gear – check out your local online classified site to see what those pieces are selling for so you can decide if you want to sell too. Kijijji, Craigslist, UsedVancouver and other sites, including Facebook Groups all list baby gear items for sale. The buyer comes to your home to pick it up and pays you cash. Re-sale value on some baby gear items such as strollers may surprise you. (Be sure to check if your items were ever recalled as it is illegal to sell used car-seats that have been in a vehicle accident or other recalled items. You will be held liable.)


3 | Donate

Donating items makes you feel good about keeping things out of a landfill and helping others who are perhaps not able to afford brand new. When donating to an organization like Value Village, your item’s re-sale amount goes towards charities that they support through their efforts.  It’s as easy as dropping off your items at any Value Village location at any time they’re open, and they do the rest.

4 | Dump or Recycle

Take things like expired cars-eats to the local recycling depot and they’ll ensure its plastic parts are recycled.



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