Time Saving Self Care Tips For Busy Modern Moms

self care

Self care as a mother, whether working from home or doing a full-time job is easier said than done because most mothers fall in the “do everything” category and exert themselves for their loved ones.

This inadvertently leads to exhaustion and burnout, which in turn can make moms angry and resentful and can even lead to severe mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Needless to say, self care is not only important for everyone, but very essential for busy working mothers as well as it is imperative for their overall health and wellness.

As a working mom, taking time out for personal well-being may seem next to impossible, but if you pay attention to these simple tips below, they will be your best ally in getting that coveted self care you desperately require.

Prioritize Quality Sleep

A good day can only begin if you have had a good night’s rest because if your quality of sleep gets compromised, the rate of emotional distress and cognitive impairment will increase.

Focus on creating a routine at nighttime to catch at least eight hours of quality sleep in order to get up fresh and be able to mindfully connect with your family when at home.

Incorporate Good Personal Hygiene

As simple as it can be, shower everyday without fail, moisturize the whole body, apply oil to keep the body nourished and wash your hair twice a week.

If you are using a hair dryer, make sure to splash some heat protecting cream which acts as a barrier and safe-guards your hair from damage.

Do Something Meaningful

Instead of watching Netflix once the kids have gone to sleep, spend some time doing something that will exercise your mind, body and soul. Of course you can’t stop watching TV but prior to that you must remain centered and rejuvenated.

Try yoga, meditation, prayer or take up a hobby. Let go of perfection and make space for self compassion and on the power of thoughts. Practice this every night for a few minutes or an hour, if possible.

Schedule Time With Friends

Your husband and children may be the most important people in your life, but having a good social circle is equally essential for leading a better well-rounded life.

So if you want to remain sane, do not cut off a friend’s call because you are busy, instead schedule a date for coffee or lunch. Not only will you find this beneficial, but the change from the daily working routine will do you a lot of good.

Go On a Vacation

This is one of the best self care tips for all working mothers. Take time out for a short break and go on a holiday with parents or friends or solo.

Choose a destination where you enjoy doing all the activities you like,and for children too in case the family is around. In this way you do not have to stay close together all the time but both can have fun as well.

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