Top 10 Instagram Moms 2014

Top 10 Instagram Moms 2014

We love Instagram, come check us out here. (I post my family pics, event pics and Modern Mama behind-the-scenes happenings.) We’ve picked our Top 10 Instagram Moms for 2014 below.

We originally posted our Top 10 fave Instagram moms in November of 2012. Last July, we listed a new crop of favourites, including Mommas Gone City who at the time had just over 5,000 followers. If you heeded our advice to give her a follow then, you would have seen her climb to Instagram-fame with her Theo & Beau photos over the past year and her rise to over 469,000 followers now.

Here are our picks for 2014, our current favourite Top 10 Instagram Moms (in no particular order):

DesignMom | Gabrielle Blair

21,000 followers | 1400+ photos

“Designer, blogger, mother of six, living large in California”.

CandyKirbyDesigns | Erin Mercado

25,000 followers | 2200+ photos

Owner & designer behind Candy Kirby Designs.

OhJoy | Joy Cho

104,000 followers | 1700+ photos

Designer, blogger, food enthusiast and mama.

MrsNaeli_M | Naeli Marie

886 followers | 354 photos

Cute baby, great photos.

InTheFunLane | Holly

11,000 followers | 990+ photos

Mom in Northern Alberta. Great photos.

Miniwilla | Sandra

25,000 followers | 160+ photos

Swedish blog. Graphic design, great photos, cute kids.

FreshlyPicked | Susan Petersen

181,000 followers | 2150+ photos

Mom and founder, CEO of popular moccasin company, Freshly Picked.


52,000 followers | 1400+ photos

Food pics, kid pics and links to great recipes.


24,000 followers | 449+ photos

Pregnant founder and cute clothing line images (lots of adorable babies). (Vancouver)

Monika Hibbs

46,000 followers | 2100+ photos

Mom, fashion & lifestyle blogger in Vancouver.

Who are your favourite Instagrammers? Are you on Instagram? Leave your handle for all to follow!



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