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Father’s Day is a very special day for the men in our lives. They are a symbol of strength, safety, and love. I was blessed to be raised by a father, Papa, who was always there for me. Showed me love, tough love, security and a great example of committment. He always knew he wanted 3 children, and at the age of 36 became a single parent to those 3 children. There were tough times but he always managed to make it through. Although I tell him all the time, I’d like to tell my Papa how proud I am to be his daughter. I love him and cherish him and I will always be his little girl-“Mija”

Later in life I crossed paths with a man who had many of my father’s traits. I consider myself lucky to have found someone similiar to my Papa. I married that man, and after 11 years of marriage we welcomed our first son this past December.

This Father’s Day is the most special for my husband as it’s his first. I plan to make it memorable with special activities with the family and make memories that he’ll never forget. I Love You Hunny! You are a wonderful Daddy and devoted husband.

To celebrate the Father’s in your life, here is a round up of the local events happening in our great city of Toronto!
Yorkville Exotics Car Show Sunday, June 16 in Yorkville. Bring Dad down to Bloor Street and surround him with some of the finest 4 wheeled beauties in the city.

Game on 2.0 Ontario Science Center. For the young at heart! Challenge Dad to a game of Pong or encourge his inner Rock Star take the stage playing Guitar Hero.

Hands On at Evergreen Brickworks Saturday, June 15. Expose the little ones to healthy cooking (read mixing) early at the Evergreen Brickworks. Fun for the whole family!

Luminato June 14-23. Take stroll downtown and soak up the Art displayed throughout for our annual festival Luminato!

Taste of Little Italy June 14-16 Tempt your palate on College Street at the annual Taste of Little Italy festival.

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