Toys Toys Toys: Time to Purge


With Fall approaching, it’s a fabulous time to purge the toys. I will personally be purging our toy collection after school starts, with my daughter starting Kindergarten! Because she’ll be in school each and every day, I know we won’t be needing as many toys and craft supplies around the house.

Let’s tackle the play room

Right off the bat, I know I will be tossing a lot of the small overused toys and half-used colouring books! But what about the high value items, are they saleable or not? Are they worth selling or should I donate them  to local needs?

Grab your bins and sort


Anything damaged, missing pieces, coloured on, half-the-set intact, you get what I am saying. You don’t donate or sell these items, get them in the recycle bin if you can, otherwise dump.


There are toys worth selling at a swap meet or online Facebook groups or Craigslist/Kijiji, even eBay. These are the top selling items:

  • Riding toys
  • Bikes and scooters
  • Wagons and Trikes
  • Barbies, Groovy Girls, Disney Princesses other dolls sold in lots (all of your items grouped together)
  • Lego sold in sets or lots
  • Building blocks
  • Remote Control cars
  • Video Games and game systems
  • Wooden and/or handmade toys
  • Thomas the Train, Marvel, Elmo, Toy Story, Cars, Star Wars
  • High Quality boutique puzzles sold in lots
  • Boutique brand name items such as Melissa & Doug, Haba, Lamaze, Skip Hop, Crocodile Creek
  • Musical Instruments

Donate at Value Village

I was so happy to learn that Value Village does accept stuffed animals. Games, puzzles, movies and board books are also welcome donations.

Donate to a local preschool

I will personally be donating all craft supplies we won’t be using after August to a local preschool, as well as any musical instruments I dig out in the toy bins downstairs and the dress-up clothes.

Happy purging!




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Photo Credit: Morgan on Flickr

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