5 Vancouver Play-Based Activities For 0-5 Year Olds

Finding things to do with the toddler and preschool age is a score! You may not want to commit to a scheduled class or activity, or perhaps you just want a one-off play activity that accommodates even the little toddlers.  We have rounded up local Vancouver play-based activities that your kids will absolutely love!

As a bonus, all of these places happen to be indoors, so rainy days have no effect. In fact, these are great ideas for when the weather is not so great and you want to skip the playground or games in the backyard.

Vancouver Aquarium - Play indoor activities


This place is a blast, you will love it just as much as the kids. They are free to roam around an entire pretend city, make-believing and having fun with their imagination. Whether it is grocery shopping, making a pizza, driving around and getting gas, or a visit to the doctor’s office…the play is endless and it truly is a great place for their young minds.

In Richmond, for more information visit their site.

Circus Play Cafe

I recommend this place quite often for 2 main reasons, it is great indoor play area that the kids love (mainly for young kids), and it is also a cafe! Unlike other play cafes, the play area is an actual set-up of miniature playground, tents, slides and even a tiny grocery store. If you need a snack or beverage, there is a full menu and gracious staff to help. Remember to bring your socks!

In Vancouver, for more information visit their site here.

6Pack Indoor Beach

If your kids love the beach as much as most kids I know, one of the main reasons may be…sand! This is a genius idea to build an indoor giant sand play area. Not only is it soft sand to play and have fun in, but they even provide a wide selection of beach toys, as well as sports balls. Kids love it, and it’s a great way to occupy them and get them excited, even on non-beachy days.

In Richmond, for more information and open times go to their site.

Kerrisdale Play Palace

Although not open all year long (opens from April 11 to August 31), when it is, is endless fun. It caters to children under 12 and has a special toddler play area and toys. There is even dedicated times for 0-5 play time (if you don’t want to go when it is open to all ages). With lots of bouncy castles, riding cars, and padded play areas, this is definitely a great place for the kiddies to explore and have a blast.

In Vancouver, for more information on times and fees go to their site.

Vancouver Aquarium

This list would not be complete without the good ol’ Aquarium. No matter what, the Aquarium never disappoints and is full of wonder. Kids of all ages, even the littlest toddler love seeing these underwater creatures and all the wondrous displays. As a bonus, there is always some exhibit, activities, or workshops, including some of the sensory feel displays that can be great for play-based learning.

In Vancouver, get all your information from the site here.


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