Wee Nation | Review

Subscription boxes is the newest trend on the market.  There are so many themes and options it’s hard to keep up.  One of my favorite boxes is Wee Nation.  Wee Nation is a monthly curated box of items that features Canadian products aimed for babies.  Simply subscribe on the Wee Nation website by selecting the appropriate age group: Newborn (0-3 months), Big Baby (4-12 months), or Toddler (1-2 years).  Every month you will receive a box of carefully selected items mailed directly to your door.


What’s Inside?

I was super excited when I opened the box to find some awesome products that I already love inside.  I love supporting Canadian businesses, especially with environmentally-friendly products.  Not only were there products inside, but there also was a postcard explaining exactly what is in the box, a brief description of the company, and even a couple of discount codes!  Here’s what was inside my box this time:

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

I was a little hesitant about these wipes.  They are very thin; not at all what I’m used to.  However, these wipes are tough and took on some pretty big messes.  They were soft to the touch and have only natural and organic oils in them, which is great for sensitive skin.  I would feel comfortable using these on my baby because of how well they work and how safe they are for my little one!

Jax & Lennon Beanie

Soft and light the Jax & Lennon Beanie is perfect for a Canadian spring.  The bamboo French terry fabric also helps regulate your baby’s temperature and feels so soft.  Although my little one won’t keep hats on her head, this beanie would definitely be cute on any little boy or girl.

Love Child Organics Love Ducks Corn Snacks

Love Ducks

Love Child Organics is one of the only pre-made baby foods I will feed Hannah.  I trust their brand and their products.  I was so happy to see that Hannah loved these corn snacks as well.  She ate half the bag the first time she tried it.  Although she eats solids well, these corn snacks melted in her mouth and would be great for younger babies as well.  I did try one myself and the flavor was mild so not to overpower your little one’s taste buds.


Will Stroet – Just Imagine CD

Hannah loves music and as soon as this CD started playing, she started dancing.  The songs were actually quite catchy and even had me swaying to the beat.  This is one kids CD that I would play in the car and would probably end up singing along to!

Jayde The Jaybird by Brandee Bublé

Hannah loves books and early literacy is so important that I am thrilled to see this book, which is written by a Canadian author.  While Hannah’s attention span did not last to read the whole book, she was thoroughly interested in all of the bright pictures in the book.  Even my 6 and 7-year old wanted to read this book; they loved the story and read it cover to cover.


The Verdict

I would subscribe to Wee Nation myself and be excited to see what awesome items come month to month.  The products are great for babies and a lot of them can be used again as the child gets older.  The fact that all of the businesses showcased are Canadian is fantastic and the ladies behind Wee Nation are definitely doing something right.  My suggestion is to subscribe today and start learning about some great local products and companies are available to you!


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