Wee Nation Subscription Box


by: Sarah Lawrence

The Wee Nation Subscription Box supplies parents with a monthly surprise of goodies for newborns, babies or toddlers. It gives the opportunity to try out new products and promotes Canadian Businesses that you may not find the in big box stores.  I was treated to the toddler box and it was packed lots of great items that my toddler couldn’t wait to try out.

What Was In The Box?

Jax and Lennon Co. Beanie

The beanie was made from bamboo and is so extremely soft. It has a nice stretch to it and holds its shape really well. This is not an item that I would normally buy but I was really impressed with the quality of it and would recommend this brand to other parents. I’m a new fan.

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Wipes

I was a bit leery of the chamomile and lavender scent as I usually tend to go with unscented wipes. I was pleasantly surprised to find the smell was not overpowering, it actually smelt really nice and the wipes themselves were very soft. Then it clicked in Lavender and Chamomile are calming scents, perfect aromatherapy right before naptime. Genius.

Love Duck Snacks from Love Child Organics

These were delicious; they are similar in texture to cheesies but without the orange “cheese” that makes a giant mess. My toddler sat down and ate half the bag and when I went to wipe his hands they were still clean. Something to be said for organic flavouring vs orange cheese powder.

“Just Imagine” CD by Will Stroet

My toddler loves music and to dance so I knew right away the CD would be a hit. The songs were really fun and it’s a CD that as a parent you won’t mind listening to over and over.

“Jayde the Jaybird” written by Brandee Buble

I really enjoyed this book. I read it at bedtime and my toddler loved the colourful illustrations while my eldest (5 years) really enjoyed the story. It was nice to have them both sit together and enjoy the book.

Overall I was really impressed with the items inside and I was glad that I got to learn about some new Canadian made items and artists. The Wee Nation Box is a great investment for parents and I would recommend giving it a try.


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