What’s In A Name? Finding The Best Baby Names

baby names

Baby names can be fun to think of. Sometimes, getting down to picking them may seem impossible, with so many to choose from.

I Just Took One Look and I Knew…Sort of

I found, when pregnant, I turned to the internet a lot, and scrolled popular names, found baby naming resources, and even looked up meanings of various ones…to see if anything resonated. I think what finally stuck was us just brainstorming and shortlisting a couple that we liked and going into labour not set on one. We pretty much decided when we saw our babies, that indeed, this will be the name. Of course, our short-list came with lots of vetos, on both ends, when brainstorming. However, never having decided on a concrete name, I was thankful that it just clicked once we saw their little faces.

baby names

Where To Even Look

If you are looking for baby names, there are a few options you can turn to.


Sites like BabyCenter, and Today’s Parent, usually have a running list of trendy names from past and present years. This may be a good way to skim some ideas.

Baby Books

There are tonnes, and I mean tonnes, of baby books on naming your baby. If this sounds like something you can do while in bed, reading up on baby names, go to the local library and borrow a book.


Nowadays there are baby naming apps even. Some popular ones seem to be Alberta Baby Names, Nymbler, SevenLogis, to name a couple. The idea of these apps is to enter or search some you may like and it also gives you similar names. Seems like a cool way to get ideas.

Good Ol’Fashioned BrainStorm

Sometimes names occur in a discussion. You may have a name you always loved and has sentimental value, maybe so does your partner. Having those discussions may result in a full on brainstorm where you create something you both love…you never know!

There’s also a unique charm in exploring less common names that might not be on everyone’s list yet. These rare gems can offer a distinctive identity and a story all their own. While popular names have their appeal, considering a broader range of options could lead to finding a truly special and meaningful name for your child. For those interested in exploring such unique names, see more for a list of rare and beautiful options that might just resonate with your family’s story.

Trending Names Right Now

Whatever you decide to name your baby, you will know and be settled…I think that’s why we put so much thought into it. However, when the time comes, it will click and it will be perfect. We thought it would be fun to look at some popular names that are trending today!

We thought it would be fun to look at some popular names that are trending today!

According to Google, the top-ranked names, as of today (May 2017), are:

Girls: Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella

Boys: Liam, Noah, Mason, Lucas


Happy Baby Naming!


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