wheeling with Heelys

My seven year old, Berlin, had been begging for these wheeled shoes every time we’d spot a child wearing them in the mall.  She was dying to try them.

Heelys graciously sent me two pair to try recently, for both of my big girls.  I fit into Nya’s and give them a spin myself!

Heelys are high quality shoes that are sturdy and look pretty cool too.  The wheels are removable and come with a tab to cover the area and can be worn as regular shoes as well.

Thankfully, they also came with instruction and plenty of warning on use and proper ‘operation’.

I managed to try Nya’s on and wheeled around the kitchen while gripping the counters for dear life.  I won’t pretend to be able to actually wheel on my own.

Berlin is still practicing (she posed for above photo, she’s still in training and holding on to something or someone at all times), I think it will take some time before she’s wheeling through a shopping mall, but she does love the shoes, with and without the wheels on.

Check out Heelys.com this Friday for deep Black Friday discounts and free shipping!

* I received two pairs of Heelys and was not compensated for this post.

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