When buying a stroller…

One of my best friends is expecting her first child in April – SO exciting!

She’s been going through the registry process lately, so I thought I’d share snippets of our conservations in case you are also a new mom looking for some general guidance on what to buy. I’m not an “expert,” but I am a mom that tests a lot of baby gear, so I hope my experience will be helpful for others. If you have additional tips and suggestions, please comment below!

When buying a stroller, here are a few things to consider:

– Size. Can you easily maneuver it through small stores and aisles? The stroller isn’t too wide or big?
– Can you push it with one hand? You will be doing a lot of one-handed pushing while on your cell phone or sipping a drink.
– Is there room for growth if you have a second baby? Many strollers have functionality to add a second seat for these scenarios.
– Is it a smooth ride and smooth drive? Does it feel nice to push? You are pushing it, so make sure you like it. For baby, though they like bumps and shaking, I like to make sure they are supported and it’s a smooth feeling ride. Especially if they are sleeping!
– Does your car seat clip in/out of it?
– Is it easy to fold up and put in the car? Some strollers are a paid to fold up, which makes it a pain for you!
– How heavy is the stroller? Can you pick it up easily? Can you pick it up with one hand? There will be occasions when you need to do this.
– How’s the storage? Is there a nice basket that you can easily access? If you’re shopping with the stroller, this is critical!
– What kind of tires does the stroller have? Some strollers have tire tubes and you can have a “flat tire” on your stroller. I chose a stroller with different tires as this would be a huge pain for me!

After lots and lots of research, I ended up choosing the Uppa Baby Vista, which I love. But, a stroller is such a personal choice, so consider these questions and more importantly, test drive as many strollers are you can!

Photo from Uppa Baby website.

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