Work at Home Moms: How To Juggle It All


I had promised to write a post for Nicola over at Entrepreneur Mom Now, about planning my summer as a stay-at-home-mom-entrepreneur and how as a work-at-home mom, we must juggle it all. (This was several weeks ago when I was feeling confident that I had it all together.)

And then my girls’ school year abruptly ended on June 12th. The school year ended two weeks earlier than I had planned for!

I juggled a bit haphazardly these past weeks (with the addition of out-of-town guests plus a weekend getaway) but we survived using a variety of methods (more screen time, getting up before everyone else in the house and using the visitors as babysitters a few times).

Now I can focus on being productive and enjoying the balance of the summer, and this is how I did it ….

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