World Prematurity Day 2013

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Canadian Premature Babies Foundation lights up the country in purple for World Prematurity Day

On November 17th, the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF) through its network of parent partners will light up Canadian landmarks in purple for World Prematurity Day in honour of all prematurely born babies. Its goal is to raise awareness for pre-term births and associated health complications.

According to the World Health Organization, one in 10 babies are born too early, and premature newborns comprise the largest pediatric patient group in Canada.

Launched last year, the CPBF was the first national, Canadian-based organization for premature babies. The organization serves as a voice and source of information for families and their children. Katharina Staub, an Edmonton-based advocate and mother of premature twins, started the Foundation.

“We will be lighting up Niagara Falls with support from the March of Dimes, The Langevin Bridge and Riverwalk lighting in Calgary, the heritage building in Ottawa, the Muttart Conservatory Pyramids in Edmonton and the CN Tower in Toronto in honour of all prematurely born babies and to raise awareness that prematurity is a public health concern,” said Katharina Staub, Founder, CPBF.

“As a mother of premature twins born at 27 weeks gestation in 2008, I understand firsthand the importance of increasing public awareness about prematurity and the need to provide better information and education to parents during pregnancy.”

The Foundation’s mission is three-fold; to prevent preterm birth through education and research, to support the best standards of care for premature babies, and to give premature babies and their families a voice across Canada.

The CPBF applauds the federal government for passing Bill C44 earlier this year giving parents of critically ill children employment insurance benefits for 52-weeks. The bill is a step forward in investing in the health and well-being of Canadian families.

The Foundation is advocating for heightened political awareness of prematurity and the health implications associated with it.

World Prematurity Day 2013

About the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

Founded in 2012 by Katharina Staub, a mother of premature twins, the goal of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (Fondation pour Bébés Prématurés Canadiens) is to provide a family voice and a face to the major health issues associated with prematurity and support families in their journeys. Learn more visit

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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