10 Things Recommended For All Pregnant Women To Do

Being pregnant is only for a moment in time, 9-10 months that is. It will pass, and then you will have a new baby to care for and grow (on the outside). While time does go so fast, we have listed here a few things that all pregnant women should do during their pregnancy.

It goes without saying to do the health-related things such as check-ups, eating well, prenatal vitamins, reading/gathering information, etc. However, some things people may or may not tell you. That’s what this list focuses on.

Take Pictures

Professional or not, this is a milestone. Don’t be weary of what you look like, you are beautiful, and baby in the belly is a cherishable memory…you may miss it. Regardless, nowadays maternity shots are quite the norm, so have fun with it. Just make sure you have some keepsakes.


No matter how good you feel, do rest. Yes your body is using more energy and rest is good, period. However, the other point is that with a newborn baby, rest may be of the essence on some (ok most) days. So take advantage and rest…enjoy all the rest you can mama.


If you are able to, go for walks. Walking really helps with keeping your pelvic bones, muscles, and lungs strong. This can help during labour, so try to get some walks in.


By breathing, we mean find some time to just breathe, do yoga, meditation, whatever works for you. Focusing on your breathing for moments at a time can help you relax, and helps avoid stress, panic, anxiety all of which is good to minimize during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga does a lot of this.


You will go through something called “nesting”, which literally means re-organizing and decluttering for your new arrival. Doing so will likely make you feel more organized and prepared for baby.

Ask Questions

Reading books is great. However, sometimes you may have genuine wonders about what labour is like, what the baby is like at the early stages, or what is normal vs. not from an actual mom vs. a resource. Do it! Ask questions, there is seriously no such thing as a stupid question, so don’t feel timid. Ask, ask ask.

Massage and/or Pampering

Go get a massage, speak with your doctor first, of course. However, there are wonderful RMTs that focus on prenatal massages at each stage of the pregnancy. Get your legs, feets, hand massaged, get your haircut and feel great! We definitely recommend using licensed professionals that specialize in prenatal.

Stock Up

Think of all the supplies and goodies you want to keep on hand when you won’t have a chance to go to the store, or won’t trust someone else to get for you. This is a good time to just make sure you have all your favourite lotions, body products, items stocked up at home.

Put Your Feet Up

You are going to be carrying extra weight as baby grows. Sometimes this can cause sciatica, or varicose veins, as well as the swollen feet. The best thing to do is try to put your feet up, elevated when you can. So when you are resting or watching a show, just put them up and prop a pillow under to keep the blood circulating evenly.

Plan for Extra Help

You may want to do it all, which is great. However, at the beginning weeks of new parenthood, it can be amazing to have loved ones pitch in with chores, meals, and any little to-dos. Don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust, or arrange for help, especially in the early stages. It is perfectly ok to need a hand, and use it when you have it available to you!


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